After the success of the adorable BTS Island: In the SEOM game by Hybe IM Co, it seems like BTS fans better known as the ARMY have another great reason to celebrate. The popular Korean boyband is once again getting another mobile game inspired by them. BTS Cooking On is now open for pre-registration. The game is developed by GRAMPUS, the same team behind the well-acclaimed Cooking Adventure, and is published by Com2Us (Golf Star, Summoners War, and Inotia).

Like GRAMPUS’ Cooking Adventure, BTS Cooking On is also a cooking simulation. It will, of course, feature all the BTS members and their adorable, animated counterparts which are known as TinyTAN. Interestingly, these TinyTAN characters are not just representing each distinctive style and look but also designed based on each personality and characteristic. BTS Cooking On, based on the released YouTube trailer will feature the whole gang, including RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook.


BTS Mobile Gameplay

While the gameplay is not completely revealed yet, the trailer already gave us some details. It follows the story of a girl who is planning to join a cooking competition after inheriting her grandma’s restaurant. However, it seems like she is not yet experienced enough to qualify. Luckily, the BTS (in their TinyTAN forms) came to the rescue and attempted to help her cook a decent Korean dish.

The mechanics of the game are seemingly simple and manageable, and it seems like it shares the same gameplay with Cooking Adventure. If so, the game works like this, the player will be running a restaurant, and your main objective is to prepare and serve the customers’ orders as quickly as you can to reach your target daily revenue. Simply tap the ingredients to combine them together until you have completed the dish. As soon as the Customers arrive, you are only given limited time to serve them, otherwise, if you fail to serve them on time, you will not just lose the customer, but you will also lose the income, preventing you from reaching your target.

BTS Cooking On will also highlight various cuisines all over the world, from New York to Seoul! You will embark on a Global Cuisine Adventure as you progress.


bts mobile game


More than Just a Cooking Simulation

The game is indeed more than just a simple cooking simulation. For instance, the game comes with many minigames and special events to explore. There’s a puzzle game, a lucky wheel, and many other equally exciting games to try on. In addition to that, the game also offers collectible digital TinyTAN photo cards. These cards can be obtained easily simply by playing. Each card is unique and comes with different themes and characteristics. They also vary in terms of rarity. All these in-game cards that you have collected will be placed on your in-game diary.


bts mobile game


Stage Makeover

If the collectible photocards aren’t enough, this game also offers an opportunity to decorate the BTS stage before the band performs! This will require players to exert the best of their creativity and imagination by turning a simple platform into a visually striking and BTS-worthy stage. To top it all, since the game is officially affiliated with Big Hit Music and Tiny TAN products, the game also features some of the popular songs from the BTS group. These include highly acclaimed tracks like Butter, DNA, and MIC Drop to name a few.


Register Now!

While there are no release dates yet, BTS Cooking On is now open for pre-registration. Interestingly, those who pre-register will get the highest rarity photocard! Whether you are a certified fan of BTS (or a certified ARMY) or someone who loves to play cooking simulations like Diner Dash and Cooking Mama, BTS Cooking On is absolutely a great fit! Feel free to register now!