New Apple Arcade Additions:


Despite losing a slew of games recently, Apple is reinvigorating its app gaming subscription service with two stellar new Apple Arcade additions: Jetpack Joyride 2 and Amazing Bomberman. 

The news comes shortly after a series of app games decided to bid farewell to the service just a couple of days ago. And they may be feeling as though they jumped the gun a little early now that the allure of Barry Steakfries’ long-awaited sequel and a high-energy musical Bomberman will no doubt flood the service with eager app gamers once more. 

Some may remember that Jetpack Joyride 2 was released by Halfbrick last year, only for it to disappear shortly after. Back then, Halfbrick stated that Jetpack Joyride 2 was re-entering a closed state of development for an indefinite period. 

Well, it looks like that period is now over, and an even more bombastic version of the legendary app game reintroduces Barry Steakfries – who is now armed with what appears to be an impressive arsenal – as he unleashes hell on a lab of hapless scientists. While the original saw Barry armed with a variety of jetpacks and the occasional vehicle, Jetpack Joyride 2 turns the app game into an endless runner/shooter hybrid. 


new apple arcade additions


Amazing Bomberman, meanwhile, is no less full-on. This colorful and flashy mobile addition to the long-running franchise introduces rhythm game elements to the classic Bomberman formula. While players must still duke it out with bombs in an arena, Amazing Bomberman adds some high-energy music that changes the arena with the beat as you play. It looks pretty intense – emphasis on the “pretty”. 

These two new Apple Arcade additions are the first in a while to join the service as all-new titles rather than re-released old ones. Not only that, but both are exclusive to Apple Arcade, meaning that anyone who wishes to revisit their old friend Barry must first front the $4.99 subscription required to gain access to the whole library. 

For our money, though, we’d say it’s worth the cost. It’s not just these two new Apple Arcade additions that app gamers will gain access to, but also such bonafide classics as Sayonara Wild Hearts and Alto’s Adventure.