New App Games Kingdom: The Blood


Netflix have once again shown their savvy by adapting a wildly popular Netflix show into a gory yet mesmerizing ARPG during a time when players have felt let down by the foremost name in the genre. And if the flashy trailer and assurances from the devs are anything to go by, Kingdom: The Blood could be the tonic that Diablo-deprived app and PC gamers have been looking for. 

Kingdom is a Korean zombie series, only this particular trip down a path well trodden is set in the medieval era. It provides an oh-so-satisfying answer to the question of what a zombie apocalypse would look like without head-popping guns. And if other popular zombie series like The Walking Dead are anything to go by, lends itself readily to a video game adaptation. 

Kingdom: the blood


Enter action app game developer Action Square, who took the opportunity to make the Kingdom series app game after making waves with its award-winning app game Blade. Now, with Netflix acting as publisher for its IP, Action Square is turning this beloved zombie horror into a high octane ARPG available for both mobile and PC. 

And it’s safe to say that the game looks like it’s in good hands. Beautiful 3D graphics render characters (and zombies) from the show in all their gory glory. And in a show of their dedication to authenticity, the developer even hired a professional Korean sword dancer to bust out the slick moves we’ll see in-game. 


YouTube video


An extensive character creation system will allow players to tear through zombie hordes in literal style, with a diverse range of costumes such as the traditional Korean style of Hanbok being available to don as you destroy.

Gameplay will include playing through the story of the original series and going toe-to-toe with others in intense PvP combat. Other game modes will also include Conquest Mode, a series of five-minute battles, and multi-boss battles. 

Netflix and Action Square are yet to divulge when we can finally dive into this Kingdom series app game. But to keep in the loop with all future developments be sure to keep an eye on our front page over the coming months.