If you are tired of seeing the same setup for your mobile golf game, you might consider exploring the newest game offered by COLOPL. Inc. The Japan-based developer is also the same team behind the highly successful “Battle Girl High School”, a social network game that was eventually adapted into an animated series. Neko Golf is the newest addition in their collection that brings you to a colorful anime-inspired mobile golf game. While there are many decent 3D golf games on mobile, like the Golf Master 3D by Doodle Mobile or the Golf King- World Tour that takes you to a highly-realistic golf experience, Neko Golf provides you with overwhelming cuteness with its adorable anime characters.




NEKO Golf  Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and manageable but just like most mobile golf games, precision and proper timing are the main ingredients in maximizing your chances of winnings. Gameplay-wise, the game works similarly to other golf games but with minor differences in terms of controls. As soon as the game begins, the system will search for your opponent. This prompts you to a golf course that changes dynamically per match. Neko Golf features a turn-based battle where your goal is to win over your opponent by being the first one to complete the course.

Interestingly, the game comes with simple controls. To take a shot, simply pull back the blue circle to adjust the power. You can also hover the circle to aim for the target. To shoot the ball, simply flick or slide your finger straight to the moving meter. The closer you hit the center of the meter, the greater the shot you can make. Just like in a real golf game, players are encouraged to reach the target par score. A par is generally described as the number of strokes set as a standard for a specific hole or a complete course. The lesser stroke you make, the better the score you will get. The match concludes when both players completed the course.




Collect and Upgrade Golf Set

Aside from different golf courses, you will also encounter different terrain and weather conditions which will either help or challenge you in the process. To make you more efficient in each match, you must equip yourself with the right golf club. You must learn when to use your irons, wedges, and putters to maximize your chances of winnings. The courses will also change dynamically in every match which makes each attempt unpredictable and thrilling at the same time. To obtain better and higher-ranking clubs and golf wear, you can take advantage of the game’s gacha system. Simply visit the Gacha tab from the main menu. Here, you will need premium G Jewels to access the gacha. You can obtain them from rewards, bonuses, and in-game shops. You can also convert your standard jewels to premium ones. Players can obtain new glob clubs, a new set of golf wear, new skills, and even new characters of different rarity.

Aside from obtaining a rare set, you can also make your character more efficient by upgrading your clubs. To make the upgrades possible, you need to have enough “club runes” which you can obtain from the reward chests and coins. Upgrading your clubs will drastically increase and improve their basic attributes which help you throw better and more accurate shots. While these upgrades will improve your performance, your skill will still be a great factor in winning this game. Proper timing, accuracy, and excellent eye and hand coordination are still the main keys to mastering Neko Golf effectively.


More Campaigns to Explore

Neko Golf offers two major campaigns to explore; the Enjoy Mode and the Battle Mode. As the term suggests, the Enjoy mode is a simple and beginner-friendly campaign that allows you to enjoy a casual golf game. Here, whether you win or lose, you will still get “Tour Points” after completing the course. The better your score, the more Tour points you will get. The Battle mode, on the other hand, is stricter than the Enjoy Mode. Here, you will fight against an online opponent and must attempt to outscore them. If you win, you will earn bigger Tour points (better than the Enjoy mode), but if you lose, you won’t get any points at all.

The game also offers a Training Range, a training campaign that allows you to practice and explore your newly earned golf clubs. There is also a Free Match that allows you to invite friends to play on your chosen course.




Beautiful Animated Graphics

If there is another great thing that separates Neko Golf from other mobile golf games, it is definitely its visually stunning anime-style 3D graphics. It is indeed an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful and well-crafted animated visuals that can quickly remind you of some highly-acclaimed anime-inspired games like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Ni No Kuni to name a few. Most of the playable characters in the game came from Colopl’s very own White Cat Project including Hero, Charlotte, Oscurol, Airis, Chako, and others. The game also features voices from various Japanese voice actors. In addition to that, each character is also customizable. You can customize their looks by equipping unique golf wear sets and accessories.

If you love golf and anime, Neko Golf will surely give you the best of both worlds, and if you think you have what it takes to become the next champion of the White Cat Golf World, then feel free to explore this game and see how far your skills can take you. Good luck and have fun!


Download NEKO Golf: Android / iOS