From the same team behind Vainglory comes another epic multiplayer battleground shooter that takes you on an action-packed adventure. Super Evil Megacorp added Catalyst Black to their growing collection of console-grade mobile games. All thanks to their very own E.V.I.L game engine. Unlike Vainglory, Catalyst Black is an interesting mix between MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and a real-time Shooter game. Here, players will be deployed to a visually stunning battlefield and will be engaged in team-based combat. You can build your own loadout prior to each battle and you can take advantage of some monster-transformation abilities to maximize your chances of winning. This game comes with many different multiplayer campaigns to explore with PvP sizes ranging from 5v5 to 12v12 battles.


Catalyst Black


The Gameplay

The mechanics for Catalyst Black are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing MOBA, then you should know the drill. As soon as you enter the battlefield, the clash between two opposing teams will commence. The goal for each match will vary depending on the modes you are in but most of them require you to kill as many enemies as possible, collect a certain number of shards, or destroy the opponent’s overseer. Each character is equipped with a primary and secondary weapon which you can freely switch during the battle. They also have the ability to transform into a monstrous creature that is referred to as the “Primal”. The first team to complete the goal or the team with the greatest number of kills within the given time frame wins the game.


Catalyst Black also features a very smooth game control. There is a virtual joystick that allows you to move your character around and a controllable trajectory that enables you to target your enemy more accurately. The skills, on the other hand, can be executed using the tap-based buttons on the screen. You can tap the weapon icon to shoot or better yet hold the icon for a continuous shot. Just be mindful that there is a reload time for each weapon so make sure to execute your attack in a timely manner. Similar to MOBA games, if a character gets killed, it will respawn back to the base with a fully restored health.


Catalyst Black


Customizable Loadouts

One of the unique highlights of Catalyst Black is the customizable and upgradable loadouts. After every match, you will be prompted back to the main dashboard which gives you access to your “Loadout” page. Here, you can customize all your weapons and abilities. You can choose your preferred Primary and Heavy (Secondary) loadout. New Weapons can be obtained in many ways. You can earn it from daily and regular quests, rewards from battles, login bonuses, in-game shops, and other events. The weapons will vary in terms of their rarity, attributes, and abilities. To make your character more efficient in the battle, you can upgrade the weapons to drastically boost their attributes such as damage rate second, reload speed, range, and more. Upgrades are done by collecting enough resources such as Dust, Quint, and Marks (Premium currency).


The same thing can be applied to your abilities. By default, the character initially receives a “Catalytic Heal” skill that allows you to heal yourself and your nearby allies. There are currently 15 abilities that you can unlock as you progress which include the ability to teleport from one point to another, the ability to drop mines, a dramatic speed boost, and more. Similar to weapons, abilities can be upgraded using resources to increase their effectiveness. From here, you can build your character as a tank, support, or assassin depending on the ability you want to keep (Take note that you can only equip your character with one ability per match).


Catalyst Black


Epic Transformations

Another unique element of Catalyst Black is the existence of the so-called Primal. This allows you to transform your character into a powerful beastly creature. You can do so by collecting a certain number of masks from the battle arena. These masks are randomly scattered on the map but you can also obtain them by defeating the Primal that randomly appears during the battle (it’s a neutral enemy that can attack both opposing parties). Defeating primal will drop a special mask that allows you to transform instantly.


Currently, there are six Primal creatures to unlock in Catalyst Black. These include Sunder, Issia, Luma Issia, Nock, Jainx, and Torden. Each Primal comes with its own set of skills that are also upgradeable. You can only pick one Primal per match. Once you transformed yourself into a Primal, there is always an option to get back to your normal character.


Catalyst Black


Multiple Modes

Catalyst Black will introduce you to five Multiplayer campaigns which you can unlock upon reaching a certain level. All of these are fast-paced battles that give this game a remarkable replay value. The game comes with the so-called Ascension Level system that reminds me of Fornite’s Battlepass in which every level progression grants players rewards. Most of the succeeding campaigns in this game can be unlocked when you reach a certain Ascension Level. These modes include:

Slayer PvP: This mode is the first campaign you can explore. Here, the first team to get 25 Kills will win the match.

Hydra PvP: Upon reaching Ascension Level 4, you’ll get access to Hydra PvP Mode. Unlike Slayer PvP, this mode gives you multiple ways to win. Your team can either collect a number of Shards that are scattered on the map, destroy the opponent’s Overseer, or kill enemies.

Colosseum PvE: Unlocked after reaching Level 8, Colosseum is a cooperative mode where your team fights against waves of enemies including a final boss.

Eventide PvP: Compared to the aforementioned campaigns, Eventide PvP is relatively lengthier. A team is required to reach certain points to win. The points can be obtained in various ways which might ask players to battle for resources, capture outposts, and kill monsters and real-time opponents.

Capture The Flag PvP: You can unlock this mode when you reach Level 20. As the term suggests, the goal is to work with your team to capture the enemy’s flag and return it to your base to win.


The Visuals

Catalyst Black is an absolute visual delight. It provides well-polished graphics, impressive character design, and visually stunning 3D maps to explore. This is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music that makes the game even more engaging. There is also an option to adjust the in-game resolution to match your device and to optimize the battery life of your phone. You can also enable more details from the “Settings” to make the game more visually striking and to enhance your overall gaming experience.


You can also add friends or better yet build your own party and invite them to play the matches together. There is a Voice chat system that allows you to communicate with your party member, giving you the opportunity to strategize your battle.


There is an overwhelming number of MOBA and Shooter games on the market today. The mechanics and gameplay are almost identical. This is where Catalyst Black stands out due to its unique elements that you simply can’t find elsewhere. The character selection, however, is quite limited at this moment but they could possibly add more characters to their current roster soon.


Currently, Catalyst Black is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this app game for free.


Download Catalyst Black: Android / iOS