From the same creators and publishers behind games like Conquerors, Epic Age, and Lords Mobile comes a new empire-building fantasy that takes you on another epic journey. IGG recently launched a new title as part of the growing collection. Viking Rise will take you back to medieval times when the Norsemen or better known as the Vikings began to emerge. Interestingly, Viking Rise is a city-building strategy game in which your goal is to play the role of a Viking Leader named Ivor. Your mission is to build a stronghold, a stable community of Vikings. By training your troops and by upgrading your buildings, you can eventually expand your power and territory.

The journey, however, will not be easy because many conquerors will attempt to destroy your kingdom. In addition to that, the outside world is inhabited by vicious monsters. In order to prosper, you must deploy the mightiest hero along with the strongest army of fighters to eliminate the enemies victoriously. It is interesting to note that Viking Rise is not the first empire-building game from IGG. It shares the same gameplay with Epic Age and Conquerors but comes with unique theme and special elements. If you love Norse mythology and if you enjoy empire-building strategy games, Viking Rice is a decent app game to explore.


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Viking Rise Gameplay

The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. If you have experienced playing a city or empire-building game, then you should know the drill. The game starts with your hero Ivor and Ivana attempting to start a small village. Initially, the village is composed of a Chief’s Hall which serves as the symbol and foundation of your clan. Upgrading the Chief’s Hall will grant access to other features and facilities. There are multiple basic resources in the game that you must gather to start constructing houses and facilities. These include lumber, food, and stone. You can gather these resources by assigning people to perform specific tasks. Simply click on a tree to collect lumber or tap on a bush to gather food.

Once you have collected enough resources, you can start building facilities. These facilities are divided into three categories; Economy (buildings that allow you to increase production of goods and source of revenue), Military (allows you to recruit and train different fighters), and Decorations (to make your village more aesthetically pleasing). Although you are completely free to do anything in the game, the player is still encouraged to follow the quests in sequential order. The quest log will determine the list of things you must do in your kingdom. It might instruct you to perform a series of updates, conduct research, train troops, and explore the outside world by deploying your army.


Viking Rise


Explore and Expand

Viking Rise is done and played in a fast-paced manner. However, as you progress, the time needed to spend to perform a complete building upgrade will increase exponentially. It means that the duration could possibly take hours to reach completion. Good thing, there are many boosters that you can obtain from various reward systems that you can use to expedite both the construction and production time. The first phase of the game is undeniably easy and manageable but it becomes surprisingly tricky as you progress, requiring players to strategize every action and to use all the remaining and available resources wisely.

Interestingly, there will be parts of the game where you will skip time which will create drastic improvements to your kingdom. You will also be asked to unlock and explore nearby places. Here, you can possibly spot survivors and heroes that you can recruit to your team, you can also spot villages that you can salvage and conquer. You might also encounter enemies which are referred to as the Niflungs. When engaging in combat, you simply hit the Attack button, assign a hero and deploy them on the battlefield. Combats are done automatically and the result often depends on your troop’s stature. To make them more efficient and to secure your victory, it is important to train them before heading to the battle.  Vicious monsters are also lurking around the kingdom. Some of them are protecting some valuable resources and they have to be killed to obtain the items safely.


Gacha System

Once the Hall of Valor is built in your kingdom, you will get access to summoning. To do so, a player must obtain an Oracle Soulstone. You can both perform a single or batch summon. The reward of the gacha system will be in the form of a new hero, hero shards, hero skills, and experience points. You can obtain the Oracle Soulstone through various reward systems in the game. You can also convert your gems (premium currency) and exchange them into Soulstone pieces. Players will also get free summon daily.

Each hero will vary in terms of their abilities and talents. By collecting enough shards and skill experience, you can upgrade their attributes to make them more effective either in battle or by doing certain tasks.


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Viking Rise comes with a well-polished design that immensely captures the Viking Age. It is an absolute visual delight that treats players with beautiful graphics and character designs. The map also changes dynamically as you progress. It comes in different seasons like winter, rainy, and summer. There is also a day-and-night cycle that adds a beautiful game experience. The remarkable visuals are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music that will put players in the right mood.

The game is also notably generous when it comes to its reward system. Always look for the icons with red dots as they indicate unread updates and unclaimed rewards. Viking Rise is a well-polished game. It offers a straightforward goal and a great number of exciting areas to explore. Not to mention that compelling plot of heroism that you can explore.


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