Monster Taming App Game Pre-Registrations


Chimeraland, from developer Level Infinite, is an incredibly unique looking open-world RPG with a heavy focus on monster taming & battling. So far, so Pokémon. 

However, the highly-anticipated monster taming app game takes us down a much different route than its cutesy counterpart, with versatile weaponry, 14 playable races and a monster battling system that sees mythical beasts devour and adopt the traits of their opponents. And if that sounds like your jam, we have good news.

Level Infinite recently wrapped up the closed beta of their one-of-a-kind title, and officially opened up pre-registrations to be followed swiftly by a North American and European release. Naturally, signing up ahead of time will bestow some milestone rewards and a ‘lucky draw’ reward that can be claimed twice, if shared.

The lucky draw rewards can be rolled for upon registering, and include a Pet Egg, a crossbow-like weapon, gems and a beast hide. Exactly which of these is the most desirable isn’t certain – though we’re willing to bet it’s the pet egg. Share your results, however, and you can have another stab. 


monster taming app game


It’s difficult to understate just how mind-bendingly unique Chimeraland looks. The 14 playable races comprise a cavalcade of anthropomorphic animals (including jellyfish) that will no doubt please a certain subset of the online community. 

The sprawling open world is filled with mythical beasts that should be familiar to most, including hydras, nine-tailed foxes and, of course, dragons. Players can go about taming these legendary beasts to employ in battle. 

However, in a mechanic that illustrates where the monster taming app game gets its name, these beasts can then be commanded to ‘devour’ their opponents, resulting in a new physical trait resembling the devoured. For instance, instructing your lion to devour a dragon could result in the lion sprouting wings. It’s like Pokémon evolution. But way, way darker. 

But also thrown into the mix is a robust customizable weapons system, housing, exploration and farming, to name just a few features. Chimeraland has already made huge waves in the SEA region – and we expect it will spark a lot of interest among western audiences as well.

For more information, including how to pre-register, be sure to check out the official website.


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