Monopoly is one of the classic board games with the most unique gameplay. The game was introduced in the early 20th century by Elizabeth Magie. Originally named The Landlord’s Game, Monopoly was intentionally created to illustrate the economic ill effects of land monopolism and the use of land value tax to remedy it. The concept was adopted and redesigned by Charles Darrow who named the game Monopoly. Eventually, the rights were bought by the Parker Brothers company which was soon acquired by Hasbro.

While the game is about economics, it doesn’t require players to have technical knowledge about the matter. The core objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player by driving all the opponents into bankruptcy. The success of the board game resulted in multiple variations of Monopoly. It was soon adopted into various media including a television game show and a good collection of video games. Now that everyone is heavily engaged in their mobile devices, it is not surprising to see a mobile version of this classic game.

Just recently, Scopely launched a new Monopoly game that will introduce the classic board game to the new generation of gamers. It is interesting to note that this is not the first attempt to bring this classic board game to mobile. Marmalade Game Studio brought a faithful 3D version of the board game in 2019. This game is multiplayer and even includes a video chat feature that allows players to interact with each other in real time.

Scopely’s version, however, offers both nostalgic experiences and offers a new approach. The game made several tweaks to the gameplay, allowing the game to be enjoyed even by a single player. Scopely is not really new in reimagining classic board games. They also launched Scrabble GO and Bingo Bash, putting a unique twist on tabletop games that we grew up loving. Monopoly Go takes you on an exciting journey.


Monopolgy Go


Monolopy GO! Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and manageable. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the classic Monopoly game board. Instead of having a turn-based competition, you can play the game solo. The game starts by allowing the player to pick his preferred token. Once done, you may now start moving on the board. Each player is given initial 30 moves. Simply tap the Go button to roll the dice. The token will move automatically and in fact, once you have earned enough levels, you can activate the Auto mode and let the system do all the jobs.

While Monopoly Go is based on the classic game, the gameplay is not entirely faithful to the original gameplay. For instance, the game is no longer focusing on obtaining deeds and buying properties. While these properties are still illustrated on the board, they do not have the same level of impact compared to the real Monopoly board game.

The game has two phases. You can enter the Build Phase by tapping the hammer icon from the navigation panel below the screen. This prompts you to a city where you can build and upgrade buildings using your Monopoly cash. Every time you made an update, you will earn a House which will be placed automatically on the board. Once placed on a property, you will get additional profit from it. Occasionally, online players will be placed randomly on the board. Stepping on their platform allows you to collect rental fees.

To maximize your earnings, you can tap the multiplier button and set it up to three times. Like the original Monopoly game, you can also take advantage of the Community Chest and Chances Cards. This allows you to earn extra dices or money that you can later use to build your city. Of course, there are also areas you might wish not to step on to. These include the Jail and other Tax-related platforms that can take a percentage of your income.


Monopoly Go


Hit the Railroads

Monopoly GO will also introduce players to the so-called Railroads. These platforms will prompt players to some kind of mini-games. There are two types of mini-games – the Shut Down and the Bank Heist. The Shut Down game takes you to someone else’s city and the objective is to choose one of the three available targets to destroy. There is really nothing much to do and whatever building you choose will guarantee a cash reward. The value, however, will depend if the city owner has an active shield that protects the landmark. If so, you only get a lessened amount for it.

The Bank Heist, on the other hand, takes you to someone else’s vault. This prompts you to Card guessing and matching games. Simply flip the card until you reveal three identical items. Ring provides the largest heist. Regardless of what mini-games or railroads you are in; it will give you a sure win.

Build Your City

One of the great things about this version of Monopoly is the city-builder element. Each city that you explore comes with at least five upgradable buildings that you must construct. Upgrading them all to their max levels will unlock the next city. Be mindful that other players might get access to your city to destroy your landmarks. To prevent a devastating loss of money, you make sure that you obtain Shields which you can collect from the Monopoly board. Unlocking a new city will also unlock a new Monopoly board, providing players with a new atmosphere or environment.


Monopoly Go


Generous Reward System

The game comes with a very generous reward system. For instance, once you have completed a color set activates a bonus spin where you can get extra rewards in the form of money, collectible stickers, or dice. The game also comes with “Quick Wins”, an achievement system that you can accomplish daily. From time to time, the game will also introduce limited-time events that provide you with additional ways to earn money and dice.

The Album system is where you must collect stickers to complete a specific themed album. Completion also guarantees players valuable rewards. This provides Monopoly GO with decent replay value and impressive longevity.

Appearance-wise, the game is an absolute visual delight. It treats you with well-polished visuals that are complemented by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects. As far as the Monopoly experience is concerned, this mobile version provides both nostalgic and new gaming experiences by successfully capturing the classic concept while incorporating a fast-paced and new gaming approach.


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