Mobile Gaming in 2023 – everything you want to know.

Mobile gaming has been on a phenomenal rise, with games like PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and Genshin Impact leading the charge. In 2023, the trend continues to evolve with new games entering the scene and old favorites retaining their charm. Here’s a round-up of the top mobile games to play this year.


Most Downloaded Games

According to SensorTower data, the most downloaded games on Android in 2023 include Roblox, Attack Hole, Royal Match, Candy Crush Saga, and Cat Snack Bar among others. On iOS, the top downloads include Dumb Ways to Die, Attack Hole, Chess – Play & Learn, Gardenscapes, and Royal Match. These games span different genres, from puzzle and strategy games to simulators and adventure games, offering something for every kind of mobile gamer.


mobile gaming in 2023


Top Grossing Games

When it comes to revenue, different games take the lead. The top grossing games worldwide in 2022 were Honor of Kings, Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and Roblox. It’s interesting to note that the revenue charts are not completely aligned with the most downloaded games, suggesting that players are willing to spend money on in-game purchases and premium features in these games.

In the United States, Candy Crush Saga was the top-grossing game, followed by Roblox, Coin Master, Royal Match, and Pokémon Go. Roblox held the top spot in the United Kingdom, with Coin Master, Candy Crush Saga, Royal Match, and Clash of Clans following. In India, Free Fire Max topped the charts with Battlegrounds Mobile, Coin Master, Clash of Clans, and Free Fire completing the top five.

On the Apple App Store, the top grossing games included Honor of Kings, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Candy Crush Saga, and Roblox. For the Google Play Store, Coin Master led the way, followed by Candy Crush Saga, Lineage W, Genshin Impact, and Roblox.


mobile gaming in 2023


The Impact of the East

The influence of Chinese gaming companies is evident, with titles like Honor of Kings and Genshin Impact dominating the revenue charts. Honor of Kings, in particular, has been the top-grossing game worldwide, generating $1.65 billion, with almost all of the revenue coming from China. Genshin Impact, another major success story, is also a product of a Chinese company, miHoYo, and has been one of the highest-earning games across multiple platforms.


The Classics Retain Their Charm

It’s also noteworthy to see how some games have stood the test of time. Candy Crush Saga and Roblox, for instance, continue to be highly downloaded and top-grossing games across Android and iOS platforms. Their enduring popularity attests to the quality and engagement these games provide.


mobile gaming in 2023


The Scene for Mobile Gaming in 2023

The mobile gaming scene in 2023 is characterized by a mix of new entrants and classic games, with varying preferences across different countries. From casual puzzle games to intense multiplayer titles, the mobile gaming landscape is diverse and continues to grow, offering something for every type of gamer. Whether you’re a fan of strategy, action, puzzle, or simulation games, there’s no shortage of options in 2023. So grab your phone and start exploring!


Featured Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash