The Mirrorverse has finally opened, and from today Disney fans can dive into a world where icons like Belle and Repunzel join forces to lay the smackdown on some interdimensional bad guys.

It was only a matter of time before somebody took core Disney characters like Aladdin and turned them into brawlers for the sake of app gamers’ entertainment. But we’re glad that Kabam has stepped up to the plate once more to provide this mobile Disney RPG to join other stellar titles such as Marvel Contest of Champions. 

Speaking of Marvel, in a year where multiverses are apparently all the rage, Disney Mirrorverse delves into a rich multiversal plot in which alternate versions of beloved Disney characters are a little more aggressive than we’re typically used to. As the evil forces of the Fractured threaten their reality, players must team up or go it alone as they fight their way through a story mode, event quests or dungeons. 


Mobile Disney RPG


Disney Mirrorverse is a free-to-play mobile Disney RPG with gacha mechanics, which isn’t all too surprising. We foresee frequent updates from Kabam as the already hefty roster of Disney characters are filled out with notable absentees (they had better add Mushu). The list of playable characters – known as Guardians in the Mirrorverse – are divided into four distinct subclasses set to appeal to various playstyles. 

These classes include support (healer), tank and damage-dealing melee and ranged Guardians – a format which any MMO gamer will recognise as the ‘MMO Holy Trinity’. Needless to say, as a team-based action RPG, any effective team will need to comprise at least one of each class to stand a fighting chance in battles. 

Guardians will also have their own character-specific set of skills to wield in the midst of battle. So be sure to pick your Guardian wisely.

As of right now Disney Mirrorverse has already pulled in over 1m downloads, and is receiving rather favorable reviews on Google Play and the App Store. Which, in short, can mean only one thing: if you’re a Disney fan, it’s probably worth giving Disney Mirrorverse a whirl. 


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