Tomb Raider Reloaded

Lara Croft is back in probably the most adorable version of herself in Square Enix’ Tomb Raider Reloaded. Developed by Emerald City Games (the same team behind Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG), Tomb Raider Reloaded is currently on a Beta stage (currently available in selected countries) and is planned to be released globally this year. Unlike the major titles of the giant video game franchise, Tomb Raider Reloaded is a stand-alone app game that features lighter and less gritty gameplay. However, despite the simplicity, this app game still highlights all the classic Tomb Raider elements from action-packed relic hunting to her signature dual pistols.


Tomb Raider


The Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. Here, you explore different maps represented by chapters. Each chapter, on the other hand, is composed of 30 challenging stages including boss battles. Using her trusty pistols, Lara Craft shoots automatically as she explores each stage and the only action you can manipulate is her movement. You can help her navigate around the map using the virtual joypad. The more enemies you killed, the more experience points you can earn, and every time you gain a new level, you get a chance to obtain a new skill (randomly generated) that makes you more efficient in the battle.


The trickiest part of this game is the non-regenerative stamina. It means that the remaining health you have from the previous stage will be the same health for the next stage. Therefore, surviving all the 30 stages will be an absolute challenge that requires the best of your strategy and skills. Today, we’re sharing with you some tips and tricks on how to maximize your chances of survival in Tomb Raider Reloaded.


Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider


Choose the Right Set of Skills

Tomb Raider Reloaded features a unique skill system. They cannot be acquired permanently. For instance, Lara will be asked to pick one of the three randomly generated skills at the start of every chapter. In addition to that, a new skill can be chosen every time you gain a new level. The skills will vary depending on their effect. Some of which allow you to deal extra damages while others can boost your attributes like speed, dodge chances, and critical hit damages. Skills like “Multishot” and “Spread Shot” allow you to fire multiple bullets at different angles but obtaining them will result in a slight damage reduction.


Take note that once you have chosen a skill, it cannot be undone. All the skills you have acquired from the previous levels will be carried over to the next level. Therefore, you can have a “multishot” skill while using mines and grenades at the same time. If you are aiming for more damage, you can always pick the same skill. You can pick the “Major Damage Boost” skill multiple times to increase your damage by 20% every time you gained a new level. However, the skills are still randomly generated so it cannot always guarantee you to get the same set of options so better pick the right set to make you more efficient.


Tomb Raider


Take Advantage of Anaya’s Offers

From time to time, you will encounter some NPC including Anaya Imanu. Every time you encounter her, she will let you pick between two important skills that will surely help you maximize your survival. She often offers Healing skills which are very important especially if Lara is already running out of health points after a critical battle. Anaya will either offer you to heal 40% of your Total HP or to increase your Max Health by 20%. Besides healing, she also offers some useful skills that could make Lara more efficient in the next battle especially when Boss battles are nearly approaching.


It should be noted that Anaya is offering her help for free. Interestingly, you will also encounter other NPCs in the game. For instance, you will meet Lara’s trusty butler Winston Smith who already made an appearance in almost all Tomb Raider titles. Just like Anaya, Winston will offer you a bonus health upgrade in exchange for watching a reward video. Werner Von Croy, on the other hand, serves as the villain for this game but he also comes with an offer. He can also give you useful skills but in return, your maximum life will be reduced. You have the option to accept or decline his offer.


Tomb Raider


Upgrade Your Weapons in the Lobby

Skills may not be permanent for Tomb Raider Reloaded but her Gears and weapons are upgradable. Accessing the main Lobby gives you the opportunity to upgrade the weapons, armors, gears, and even relics using the manuals that you collected from the battle. Manuals will vary in terms of their rarity and their functions. Some manuals are designed to upgrade ammo while others are made to upgrade your weapon. The number of manuals needed to upgrade your items will increase exponentially which encourages you to play more or better yet purchase a bundle from their market. You can also upgrade weapons through crafting.


Players also have the option to change weapons. From Lara’s iconic dual pistols, you can equip her with other weapons like Shotgun and Chakram blade. The effectivity, however, will still depend on their current level. The more you upgrade the weapons and ammo, the more effective they become. You can also take advantage of the Relics that you can obtain from various levels. Collecting each piece will drastically boost your attributes and will surely maximize your chances of surviving.


Tomb Raider


Activate Your Special Ability

Staying faithful to the franchise, you will also encounter various artifacts in this game. You can obtain masks that grant you a special ability that you can use during battle. To activate the skill, you need to earn enough experience. You can see a small “skill bar” below your “health bar” to help you track your progress. Once you have earned enough “kill points”, you can double-tap the screen and activate the skill. The first mask that you will obtain in this game allows you to shoot enemies in all directions. The same thing goes with other artifacts like bracelets and amulets. They can either provide you with skills or dramatically increase your current attributes.

Tomb Raider


Mines Are Extremely Handy

Among all skills that you can get during the battle, I personally find “mines” more effective. Mines will be planted automatically as you move around the map and they will either detonate in time or when an approaching enemy steps on it. Players can obtain different mines in this game and they will also vary in terms of their effects. Poison mines, for instance, can poison nearby enemies and deal damage every 4 seconds. Fire mines come with a burn effect that affects nearby enemies while Electric mines can stun approaching enemies.  There is also an Ice Mine that can slow them down.


Interestingly, you can obtain all these mines and plant them on the ground all at the same time. These are very effective especially when you reach levels where a group of enemies randomly spawn out of nowhere. The skills can be extremely useful during boss battles too especially if they started summoning enemies on the field.


Tomb Raider


Watch out for Traps

The app game will not be completed with the traps! From time to time, you will encounter traps and other deadly mechanisms in the game and you must learn to avoid them at all costs. These traps can be in the form of shooting arrows, fire throwers, giant swing axes, and more. Some of which can be destroyed using your weapon while others must be evaded strategically. You will also encounter puzzles that you can interact with to obtain special manuals.


Tomb Raider


Move Actively on the Map

The key to survive this game is not to stay idle. Players are encouraged to move actively on the map to avoid damages from all the hostile enemies. There are enemies that can shoot you from afar and you must learn how to strategically avoid them. Boss battles, in particular, will give you some classic arcade shooter vibes which require you to move aggressively to avoid or kill enemies. Keep in mind that the final boss battles in this game are insanely challenging. You must exert the best of your impressive eye and hand coordination and visual reflexes to maximize your chances of surviving.


Take note that Tomb Raider Reloaded is still in the Beta phase and will have its global release this year. It means that some of the game elements are still subject to change.