Contest of Champions Receives Love and Thunder:


The Marvel Contest of Champions Love and Thunder update will see two brand new Champions enter the fray.

The premier of Thor: Love and Thunder is just around the corner. And true to form, a Contest of Champions Love and Thunder tie-in has just been announced, with the hugely popular Marvel app game introducing Gorr and Valkyrie as new Champions.

Gorr and Valkyrie will be joining a roster of over 200 Champions fated to forever duke it out with one another in a classic fighting game format. Players assume the role of a Summoner tasked with pitting Marvel’s mightiest heroes and villains against one another in a 1v1 arena. Characters span the breadth of the comics, each with their own classes, traits and abilities that can be upgraded as players progress.

These two new Champions feature heavily in the new Thor movie, with Gorr seemingly set to be the archvillain. Gorr the God-Butcher is a vengeful godslayer hellbent on eradicating those who call themselves gods for their perceived selfishness and failure to prevent the tragic ends of his faithful loved ones. He is a Cosmic Champion and a wielder of the Necrosword and dark magic. 


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Valkyrie, meanwhile, is an unparalleled warrior and leader of New Asgard armed with the weapons, training and tactics of the fearsome Valkyrior. Even among Asgardians she is a force to be reckoned with, armed in-game as a Skill Class Champion with two blades designed to overwhelm the enemy in a flurry of attacks.

Though Thor: Love and Thunder is slated to release on 8th July, these two new Champions will join the Contest of Champions roster a little later, with Gorr arriving on 14th July and Valkyrie on 28th July. 

But the Contest of Champions Love and Thunder tie-in doesn’t end there, as all new and existing players can add either Thor (Ragnarok) or Thor (Jane Foster) to their rosters from 8th July – 2nd August. Plus, a special login calendar will allow players to redeem Champion Shards from tomorrow June 29 – July 5, 2022.

Finally, the Contest of Champions Spectacular Summoner Sale will begin on July 1st and run through July 5th, 2022.  – one of the biggest deals of the year for the Marvel app game. 

For more information on Marvel Contest of Champions, check out the official website.