Mad World Age of Darkness

An excitingly fresh take on the prolific Korean MMORPG formula is in the works courtesy of Jandisoft. Mad World Age of Darkness is an upcoming hack-and-slash MMORPG with a unique hand-drawn 2D art style. And the best part is that you can probably give it a spin even if your phone is… a bit of a potato.


Mad World promises a unique angle on the K-MMORPG genre. This will involve in-depth game lore with extremely dark and gritty undertones that are reflected in its art style and the beautifully composed original soundtrack. As the description of one OST piece entitled “Who is She?” states, the melody is “meant to convey the emptiness and the void.” Edgy gamers: take heed.


Demonic abominations comprise the enemies that inhabit a post-apocalyptic world including giant Demon Lords that can be felled in co-op raid battles with other players. And players can strategize with a dynamic combat system, flexible skills and the ability to switch classes instantly with the change of a weapon.


mad world age of darkness

Mad World age of darkness is playable on both mobile and PC thanks to its development in HTML5. This allows for seamless PC and mobile cross-compatibility, which Jandisoft proudly displayed in a recently-released demonstration video.


Of course, this means that a phone with a browser and internet connection is all that’s needed. Making Mad World Age of Darkness accessible to app gamers with any device. Not only that, but the video above makes playing with a mobile screen look particularly smooth – a good sign of things to come.


And we don’t have long to wait to dive in, either. Mad World Age of Darkness is currently in its “Final Alpha Test” stage, with prospective players being able to enjoy a preview of the dark MMORPG from 25th May. After that, the full release is slated for the third quarter of 2022.


The initial release of Mad World is intended for PC and mobile. Though Jandisoft do plan on migrating to other platforms such as Steam, Facebook and consoles. To keep track of its progress in the meantime, however, check out the official website.