Want to know how legend of Puzzleverse works?

Tile-matching games, particularly the Match 3 puzzles, drastically evolved over time. These games normally come with a very simple goal – to get the highest score possible by matching three or more identical tiles from the board. Most of the match-3 puzzles that we enjoy today are influenced by classic titles. The history of match-3 can be traced back to the early 80s when the Tetris arcade became a global phenomenon. The concept of this unique tile-matching challenge, however, originally came from Shariki, a 1994 MS-DOS game built by a Russian developer.

 The concept was soon adopted by many games including some well-acclaimed titles like Bejeweled, Jewel Quest, and Puzzle Quest. In 2012, Candy Crush Saga by King became one of the most successful match-3 app games in the market. While most of these games share the same core gameplay, some developers managed to tweak these classic puzzles and added their own unique approach. Babil Games recently launched a unique puzzle game that wonderfully merges multiple game genres.

Legend of Puzzleverse is a simple yet surprisingly addictive puzzle game. It merges role-playing game elements with match 3 puzzles. If those are not enough, Legend of Puzzleverse is also a city-builder game with some pinch of gacha. It also comes with both Single mode and multiplayer campaigns through the PvP system.


Legend of Puzzleverse Story

The game follows the story of the magical Key of Time that was apparently destroyed by the evil Void Lord. This event resulted in a catastrophe, giving way to evil forces entering the realm and conquering the world. At the same time, the shards of the Key of Time broke all the barriers of time and space. As a result, heroes from other worlds and timelines were transported into one magical universe. You play the role of the holder of the shards which allows you to summon heroes to help you save the kingdom and to defeat the evil forces to bring the world back to its former glory.

Legend of Puzzleverse


The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and manageable. However, since the game offers different genres, there are too many areas to explore in this app game. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you immediately to your kingdom. If you have experienced playing some common City building games, then you should know the drill. The game will mainly revolve around quest completion which will cover a wide variety of tasks. Some of which will ask you to upgrade buildings or create new ones. Some quests will also require you to deploy heroes in a battle.

Located on your kingdom map is the Adventure Gate which can bring you to the actual world map. Here, you can start exploring places and engage in a series of battles. Once you enter the stage, the battle begins. Interestingly, the game comes with a colorful combat system. This is where the match-three puzzle challenge will take place. Once the battle commenced, you will be prompted to a grid filled with tiles that will vary in shape and color. Located below the grid are the images of your squad or the heroes you have acquired.

A player can assign a maximum of five heroes per squad. Each hero will represent a particular color. Every time you make a match using a certain color, the skill meter of that hero will start to fill up. Once a hero has earned enough skill points, the hero card will start to glow, indicating that you can already use the hero’s special skill. Above the grid are the enemies presented in a linear position. To inflict damage, the player should match three or more identical tiles on the grid. These tiles must be aligned with the enemies’ position. A match is clear when all waves of enemies were killed.


City Building, Hero Upgrades, and Gacha.

Aside from the tile-matching RPG, one of the core objectives of this game is to make your kingdom prosper. To do so, you must constantly upgrade the kingdom and expand your territory. Although players can freely do everything, they are still encouraged to follow and complete the quests in sequential order. You can check your quest log by tapping the Quest icon located on the lowermost panel of the main screen. Be mindful that upgrades can only be done if you have collected enough materials. These resources can be obtained through winning battles, completing achievements, and many other reward systems in the game.

Buildings are not the only ones you can upgrade in this game. Players can also upgrade individual heroes to make them more efficient and effective in battle. By tapping the Heroes icon from the main page, you’ll get access to all the heroes that you have acquired. Tap each card to perform an upgrade. You can also make them evolve once they have reached a target level limit. Evolution allows them to learn new skills and makes them even more powerful.

Speaking of heroes, these characters can be obtained mainly by summoning. You get access to the summoning gate by tapping the Summoning Gate building on your kingdom. A summon requires a key (you can perform a single summon or a batch summon that requires 10 keys). Like most gacha systems, the results of each summon are randomly generated and will not always guarantee the player obtains a new hero of a different rarity.

Legend of Puzzleverse


Multiplayer Campaigns and Reward System

The multiplayer element of the game can be found in its Alliance system. Here, a player can either build an alliance or join an existing one. By tapping the Alliance icon from the main menu, you get access to the Alliance page. Here, you can donate gifts to help your team, join an alliance war and rip greater loots and rewards, join numerous Alliance events (limited time and repeatable events), and more. If you have earned enough alliance authority or reputation, you can eventually place an Alliance tower on your kingdom.

Legend of Puzzleverse also offers an overwhelming number of ways to earn rewards. You can earn items and valuables by completing quests, through the Achievement board, Spinning wheels, daily login bonuses, special events, and a whole lot more. Just pay attention to those red buttons that can be seen on top of the game icons. You can also take advantage of the enhancers, speed boosters, and treasures that you can use to expedite production or speed up building constructions.


Beautiful Character designs

Appearance-wise, Legend of Puzzleverse is an absolute visual delight. It comes with beautiful character designs. Since heroes are based on different characters of different timelines and eras, you can see a nice diversity. Some heroes include Cleopatra, Quasimodo, Merlin, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Medusa, Athena, Monkey King, and many more. Best of all, each hero comes with its own story that you can explore. The beautiful graphics are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and incredible voiceovers that makes the gaming experience even more delightful and fun.

If you think you have what it takes to win this battle, feel free to explore Legend of Puzzleverse and see how far your team of heroes can go. Good luck!


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