Lost Light iOS Closed Beta


Lost Light is an upcoming survival shooter set in the not-so-distant future of the 2040s. It’s fair to say that the futuristic aesthetic is only helped by the super sleek graphics, with trailers and promo images getting us hot under the collar. And now iOS app gamers will have a chance to experience them first hand. 

The Lost Light iOS closed beta is underway from now until 4th July. Prospective players based in the US, Thailand and Russia will be able to access the NetEase title via iOS’s Test Flight provided they have signed up to participate. 

For those that haven’t yet, the Lost Light iOS closed beta will be accepting up to 1,000 players on a first come, first served basis. But you can try your luck by filling in this questionnaire. It is highly recommended that participants own an iPhone 8 or above with iOS 11.2 to play, however the minimum model requirement is iPhone 6s. 

Lost Light has already been doing the beta circuit on Android and PC, and during that time has ranked in Google Play’s top 50 trending new games multiple times, with over 2,000 players participating in the Lost Light beta so far. 


Lost Light iOS closed beta


For the uninitiated, Lost Light pits players against each other as soldiers belonging to one of two factions: the Fireflies and Marauders. Whilst navigating the hazardous conditions of the Exclusion Zone (including poisonous flora), players must conserve their equipment, fend off their enemies and loot as much as possible before reaching the all-important extraction point. 

Every game requires tactical thinking, with loot comprising armor, weapons, grenades, health packs and weapon modifications among other goodies. Contrary to typical mechanics, however, mowing down one’s enemies isn’t always the best course of action. Sometimes working together is the best means through which to escape and find mutual profit in a single run.

Tactics will also change depending on the chosen faction, with Fireflies starting out with ample funds – but the looming risk of losing it all if defeated – and Marauders getting a random loadout of gear each time they enter the Exclusion Zone. 

It seems like an interesting spin on an awesome tested formula. For more information on its progress and how to get involved in the meantime, check out the official website.