Kingdom Hearts App Game


As the beloved Kingdom Hearts series celebrates 20 years, Square Enix revealed that the latest sequel, Kingdom Hearts IV, is in development. Unfortunately, it’s still in the early stages of development – meaning that we will be kept in the dark on more Kingdom Hearts IV information for a while yet. Unless you’re an app gamer, that is. 

The Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently sat down with Game Informer to discuss the anticipated sequel. In the interview, he touched on the legacy of Kingdom Hearts, its many spinoffs, and the likelihood of Kingdom Hearts characters appearing in Smash Bros Ultimate. 

And while he was coy about releasing any more info on what we can expect from Kingdom Hearts IV, he was keen to point to the Kingdom Hearts app game, the aptly named Missing-Link, as a title full of connections to the upcoming sequel. 

“Compared to our past mobile releases, it’s a lot closer to the series and also connected in many ways to Kingdom Hearts IV,” Nomura said, “The easiest way to get more new information and hints about Kingdom Hearts IV would be first to play Missing-Link. There will also be some more mysteries, not related to Kingdom Hearts IV specifically, but just throughout the series in it. Also, some figures that appear in Missing-Link are tied to Kingdom Hearts IV. That’s all I can really say now.”


Kingdom Hearts App game


Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link isn’t playable just yet, though Square Enix hopes to launch a closed beta this year. It was revealed as part of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Celebrations alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. 

The Kingdom Hearts app game looks like a unique blend of classic Kingdom Hearts RPG gameplay married with Pokémon Go-style mechanics wherein players can journey through the real world to collect items in-game. 

It will feature multiplayer co-op and character customization, along with a rich story that superfans will no doubt want to throw themselves into for all the morsels of info that it will apparently offer for the upcoming mainline title. 

“I know that not everybody is really into smartphone games, so some fans might not be really excited for it, but we are making it so that it’s something that anyone can jump right into,” Nomura said in the interview. Which is a refreshingly honest take from a studio boss looking to plumb the depths of the app gaming sphere. But for Kingdom Hearts-loving app gamers – this is nothing but good news.