Battle Toyale


King, the aptly named developer behind the ubiquitous Candy Crush Saga franchise, has decided to branch out. And while their new vehicular action game is just as colorful as their match-3 flagship title, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. 

Rebel Riders is a high-octane ‘Battle Toyale’ that shows what happens when our toys aren’t shown the love and appreciation they deserve. And put simply, no love means no more Mr. Nice Cuddly Bear. 

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In a stark departure from the cutesy sights and sounds of Candy Crush, Rebel Riders sees a party of peeved-off playthings as they go hell-to-leather at one another in what we assume is an attempt at some overly destructive group therapy. At any rate, it looks like tons of no-holds-barred fun. 

Right off the bat, the graphics look console worthy, with multiplayer mechanics that are reminiscent of titles like Fall Guys or Gang Beasts. Gameplay sees toys from all backgrounds, including stuffed animals, dolls, cereal box prizes and action figures, go tyre-to-tyre in a vehicular royal rumble. 

Given that these manufactured knicknacks aren’t constrained by the practicalities of human life, the vehicles themselves can take on some weird and wonderful guises such as neon-lined bikes, burrowing tanks or mechanical spiders. All of which can be customized to suit any players’ playstyle. 


Battle toyale


The game modes include 3v3 Team    Deathmatch, Stash the Cash, and Bomb the Base as well as a 10v10 ‘Battle Toyale’. The pun alone sells it for us. Players will also be able to win bragging rights via an official leaderboard as they play with friends from around the world.

Speaking of which, as of right now lucky residents of a select few countries can dive in and take part in the playtest. These countries include Canada, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia, where residents can download and play Rebel Riders in its current state for free throughout July. As for the rest of us, the dev team has promised many more future opportunities to play.

To keep in the loop of when these opportunities might arise, prospective players can sign up to the official newsletter via the official website.