They said that it’s never a good thing to be greedy but definitely not for this game! Journey of Greed is a strategy and deckbuilding boardgame developed by Dird Games and is published by XD Network (the same publisher for games like “To the Moon” and “Rotaeno”. Originally launched for PC via Steam in 2019, the game was recently ported into the mobile platform to bring this epic Pirate-themed strategy game to a wider audience. Interestingly, Journey of Greed is more than just your typical deckbuilding board game. The game is not just about obtaining the best set of cards for your deck but also to come up with the most effective strategy to maximize your chances of surviving.

As the title suggests, Journey of Greed is a multiplayer strategy game where your goal is to gather the most treasure of them all. One of the core features of the game is to unravel the mystery of the islands that will either help or harm the entire crew in the process.  Take note that this multiplayer game is done and played cooperatively but you still need to outrank your crew members to win the game. To do so, you must skillfully play the game by either helping them to progress or betray them to eliminate them from the game.


Journey of Greed


Explore the Islands

Journey of Greed is a four-player board game. You can create a public or private room or join an existing room to start your adventure. You can also enter a Solo Queue campaign where you will be matched to random players. As soon as you set sail, you and the rest of the adventurers will embark on an epic journey of exploration. All players will carry their cards and will start hopping from one island to another. The tricky part here is that each island comes with unexpected mysteries, making this game highly unpredictable. There are three types of islands in Journey of Greed.

Green Islands are islands that come with fortune. Anyone who steps on this island will be granted rewards that are mostly in the form of gold coins. It is important to note that whatever the amount of treasure you collected from an island will be divided equally among all the surviving crew. The only way you can earn more is when you managed to use a skill card.

Red Islands are islands that require you to fight against vicious creatures. Since players have the ability to view the succeeding islands, you can come up with a strategy to strengthen your defense using the right skill card. Boosting your defense plays a large role in surviving these islands to prevent your adventurer from sustaining direct damage to its life points. Keep in mind that if a player loses all his life points, all the coins he collected will be divided equally among surviving players.

Black Islands are islands that feature various natural and uncontrollable disasters. Apparently, defenses will not work on this island and it inflicts direct damage to players’ life points. Therefore, increasing your health is the most practical thing to do to survive. Players can take advantage of the Compass to help them identify the types of the succeeding islands.

Temple of Restoration- If the players reached the Temple of Restoration, it will convert all the coins they have collected into Savings. The savings, on the other hand, will prevent players from losing their coins if ever they get knocked out. The island also revives all the players who were initially get killed and it will also put those who fled back into the board.

Legendary Treasure – The journey will conclude once the player reaches the Legendary treasure. All the coins they have collected as well as those in their savings will be accumulated and the player who has the most will claim its victory.


Journey of Greed


Collect the Cards

The cards in this game will play a crucial role to win. Just like any other deckbuilding game, cards will vary depending on the effects they can provide as well as their rarity. Some cards allow you to reward the entire crew while others will secretly harm them. There are also cards that allow you to earn more coins but come with negative consequences in return. There are two types of cards in this game; the Island cards and the Skill cards.

Each player is equipped with 10 Island cards. These are cards that will activate in certain rounds while Black Island cards are activated by the game system. Skill cards, on the other hand, are cards that you can draw from your deck during the exploration. You can customize your deck according to your preferences. You can remove and replace them with better cards. Each player comes with 10 Island Cards and 15 to 25 Skill cards for every adventure. To top it all off, you can expand your selection through the game’s card crafting system.


Choose Your Adventurer

The game comes with Five playable adventurers. These include the Alchemist, the Witch Doctor, the Mercenary, Trickster, and the Dancer. All of these will vary in terms of their distinct unique skills that you can utilize during the exploration. Alchemist, for instance, is a beginner-friendly adventurer that excels at all actions while the Witch Doctor is capable of recovering her HP without the use of any special cards. Mercenary comes with high defense while Trickster can steal positive effects and coins from other players. Dancers, on the other hand, can deal extra damage or gain extra defense on certain islands.


Additional Campaigns

Journey of Greed currently offers three campaigns; the Lighthouse Mode which serves as the main campaign and the first mode available for new gamers. This allows you to create public and private rooms. Private rooms allow you to add players from your friend list or by simply inputting their usernames. You can simply add bots if you want to play the game solo. Adventure mode can be unlocked upon reaching Expert Rank in Lighthouse. This mode comes with a higher level of difficulty. Arena Mode, on the other hand, is where the PvP campaign can be found. Players can also take advantage of various reward systems like Trials and Quests to earn more rewards.

Journey of Greed is indeed a unique deckbuilding game that takes you on a complex yet surprisingly thrilling strategy-based adventure. Appearance-wise, the game is also an absolute visual delight that treats you with stunning animation and well-fitting music and voiceovers. If you are up for an epic pirate adventure, feel free to explore Journey of Greed and start sailing for that legendary treasure!


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