If you are looking for a new visual novel game, you might want to check the newest offering of Mirai Roman LLC. It’s A Small RomanTick World takes you on a time-travel and mystery-solving adventure. Visual novels, sometimes referred to as “otome” are special kind of mobile games that are mainly designed for players who love to deep dive into the actual plot rather than engage themselves in some heavy and action-packed battles or adventures.

It’s a Small RomanTick World is not different from the typical visual novels. It comes with all the standard elements that you will commonly enjoy when playing an Otome. In this game, you play the role of Miiro, a young girl who goes back to her parent’s house only to find a mystery hiding in his dad’s room. When Miiro was young, her parents mysteriously disappeared along with their pet dog Kapi. While her parents left her with a fortune that allowed her to survive on her own for many years, their disappearance still haunts her.

It wasn’t until she discovered a time-travel machine in his dad’s room. Here, she met Kapi (whose spirit is now trapped in a ragged doll), informing her about her parents’ whereabouts. It turned out, her parents were sucked by the machine and took them in a different era. Now, your mission is to help Miiro save her parents by traveling from one era to another.


Small Romantick World


A Time Travel Adventure

It’s A Small RomanTick World is more than just a story-based visual novel. You are not just here to read the story, but it also comes with many exciting elements to explore in between. Like most visual novel games, It’s A Small RomanTick World will also highlight romance. As Miiro travels from one period to another, she will encounter various men who will help and accompany her in her mission to save her parents. This relationship will eventually grow and might develop into romance.

Each of the main characters will come from a certain period, including a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt, a Knight from the Medieval era, and an astronomer from the Joseon Dynasty. Each of them will have a unique personality, and it is up to you to decide which character you want to get intimate with. The best part about playing a visual novel is that most of them come with multiple endings. Most of the time, gamers will come across some critical decision-making moments that will change the entire progress of the story. This game follows the same approach, and your ending will depend on the actions you take.


Room Customization

The ability to design and customize your own room is what quickly separates this game from the typical Otome. In between each travel, you will be prompted back to your virtual room that you can freely design. You can add the items that you have collected from your adventure. You can change the wallpaper design, the floor material, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the second-floor hall area. The more you travel, the more items you can unlock and the more you can add to make your room more visually appealing.


Small Romantick World


Time Travel Battles

Time traveling is the main campaign for this campaign. Each era is divided into multiple chapters and each chapter comes with multiple games to explore. Completing mini-games is important to gather enough materials to decorate your room. These games prompt you to Pacman-esque mini-challenges. Simply guide Miiro and her outlanders to collect all the blue Flammas while avoiding the monsters at the same time. Speaking of Outlanders, these are the heroes that you can choose to accompany you in each mission.


Small RomanTick World Gacha System

It’s a Small RomanTick World is also accompanied by a gacha system. This allows you to invite a new Outlander and make them part of your strong squad. To do so, simply tap the Invite button from the main menu. Please be mindful that inviting a new outlander requires certain amount of Time Stones. A single roll, for instance, requires 30 Time Stones whereas 10 Rolls require 300. Time Stones, on the other hand, can be obtained in many ways. It can be obtained through rewards after completing a battle or better yet a chapter, or it can be bought from the app’s in-game shop.


Small Romantick World


Character Design

Appearance-wise, It’s A Small RomanTick World is an absolute visual delight. It comes with beautifully designed characters that capture the era they belong to. Characters are not just beautifully drawn, but they are also voiced by professional voice actors. These include Ryota Osaka, Makoto Furukawa, Yusuke Shirai, and Kodai Sakai to name a few.

If you enjoyed playing visual novels and looking for a new story to explore, this game is definitely a great fit for your device. Feel free to explore this game and see which ending will you end up with. Will you be able to solve the mystery and save your parents or will you find something else along the way?

Download: It’s A Small RomanTick World – Android / iOS