From the same brilliant minds behind the highly successful digital collectible card game – Hearthstone comes another equally exciting game of the same category. After a long phase of beta testing, Marvel Snap was finally released globally last October of 2022. Knowing that this official Marvel game is developed by Second Dinner which is being led by Ben Brode, former game director Hearthstone, the anticipation for this mobile game is truly overwhelming.

There is a great number of collectible card mobile games today but only a few of them managed to reach the same success as giant titles like Hearthstone, Pokemon, and Magic: The Gathering. Most of which have become formulaic, following the same mechanics and gameplay. Marvel Snap, however, added some notable tweaks, providing gamers with an entirely new card game experience. While the game comes with a vast of new features, Marvel Snap remains faithful to the classic collectible card gameplay that we are all familiar with.


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Marvel Snap Gameplay

If you have experienced playing digital collectible card games like Hearthstone, then you should know the routine. The mechanics for Marvel Snap is surprisingly easy and manageable that even non-card gamers can easily get used to. Interestingly, the game allows you to compete either against a real-time online player or with an AI opponent. Each player will have a deck of 12 cards and each card represents a Marvel superhero character. Unlike most card games, Marvel Snap will not be a turn-based strategic battle. As long as you have enough energy to spend to summon your heroes, you can do as many actions as you want and manually end your turn as soon as you are done deploying heroes to your preferred location.

What really makes the game unique are the three different locations. A player can deploy the superheroes in his preferred location. Be mindful that each card will vary depending on different factors. Each card has a different energy cost, power level, and special abilities. This is where the real strategy will take place. You must be clever enough to summon and deploy heroes to a location where you can benefit the most. Some heroes will have certain effects once deployed in certain locations. You can simply take advantage of this situation to maximize your chances of winning. The goal of this game is simple and that is to win at least 2 out of the three locations after the six rounds of battle.

Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, Marvel Snap offers a decent challenge to gamers. As soon as you understand the core of this game, you will realize that it is not about deploying random superheroes on the battlefield but rather choosing the right card at the right location. Another important thing to consider is how to build a good deck of cards. Since you are only allowed to include 12 cards on your deck, you must select wisely. It is up to you whether you like to have heroes with tremendous powers (but require higher energy costs) or build a squad with special abilities that can prevent opponents from executing whatever tricky tactics they are planning.

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Upgrade Cards to Unlock New Ones

One of the best parts about Marvel Snap is the upgrade system. Instead of a classic gacha system, one of the main ways to obtain new cards in this game is by upgrading the current cards on your deck. Therefore, the more upgrades you make, the more cards you can unlock. All cards you have obtained will go straight to your collection. Here, you can customize your deck by removing and adding cards. Interestingly, upgrading cards doesn’t mean that you are leveling up their attributes. Instead, it will only make them more visually appealing. From a simple 2D card, you can transform each hero card into a nice 3D appearance, making Marvel Snap an absolute visual delight. Cards will vary not just in their abilities but also in terms of their rarities. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to unlock an Infinity-level card. As far as the reward system is concerned, Marvel Snap features a Season Pass which gives you the opportunity to win greater cards.

Appearance-wise, Marvel Snap features the iconic comic versions of your beloved Marvel superheroes. What makes it even more appealing is that despite showing static images, each card comes with unique animation whenever they are being revealed or deployed on the battlefield. These animations are very unique and appropriate for their skills. In addition to that, each character has its own dialogue which adds a more engaging battle experience.

Marvel Snap is indeed not as formulaic as other card games. It comes with unique features that quickly separate this digital collectible card game from the rest. It is a well-polished mobile game that will be appreciated by both card game lovers and Marvel fans. Currently, the game has more than 170 well-designed characters and the roster is continuously increasing! This game definitely has excellent longevity and impressive replay value. It is also a free-to-play game with microtransactions that allow you to unlock skins and battle passes (but other than that, you can play the game fairly without the need of spending real money).

So, is it really worth the hype? We definitely believe so! In fact, this well-acclaimed game is now being recognized by multiple award bodies as one of the best games in 2022 and it is just getting started! So, if you are a Marvel fan, feel free to explore Marvel Snap and see what this amazing app game has to offer.


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