Diablo Immortal Release Date


The long-awaited Diablo Immortal release date is nigh. Blizzard just opened up pre-orders for their latest foray into the app gaming sphere. And with it came signs of a potential release date window. Suffice to say, we’re in for an exciting summer.


Diablo Immortal topped our list of the most anticipated 2022 app games simply because its predecessors are among the most beloved franchises in the whole of gaming. And its addictive gameplay loop is soon to see app gamers the world over pinned to their mobile screens as it strives to stay true to its roots.


iOS app gamers who have been keenly following its development since its announcement way back in 2018 may have been amazed to discover a Diable Immortal release date pop up on its App Store page. Specifically, 30th June. However, in a statement provided to IGN, Blizzard clarified that this was simply a placeholder date.


“As a point of clarification for anyone who pre-registers on iOS and iPadOS, players will notice that Diablo immortal release date is listed with a launch  of June 30. We want to make it clear that June 30th is not the official launch date of Diablo Immortal, and this is just a placeholder for the time being as we lock in our final plans. We will update the community with our official launch timing at a later date.”


Diablo immortal release date


Whilst we should curb our excitement for the time being, however, we can certainly remain hopeful that this date is a somewhat accurate depiction of the Diablo Immortal release window, even if the date isn’t set in stone.


Regardless, the release of pre-orders came with two other exciting developments. The first is that Diablo Immortal will offer players the chance to seamlessly switch between classes without the need to create an entirely new character. This of course means that players can maintain their characters’ progress whilst appeasing their whims should they wish to try out something new.


The second is the milestone reward for pre-registrations. For Diablo Immortal this means one milestone – a not-so-paltry 30 million pre-orders/pre-registrations in order to unlock the Horadrim Cosmetic Set. Should players reach this milestone, they can retrieve this light-forged armor by completing the tutorial within 30 days of release.


Whenever the final Diablo Immortal release date is, we can rest assured that we are one step closer with the opening of pre-orders. So to double-down on the hype and keep in the loop, be sure to swing by the official news page.


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