The New Warcraft App Game is Here


Blizzard has finally announced its mystery Warcraft app game: a new strategy title to join Hearthstone as the only two Warcraft app games on the platform. And funnily enough, this new one bears a striking resemblance to another popular franchise that we all know and love. 


Warcraft Arclight Rumble is Blizzard’s answer to the genre-dominating Clash Royale with a healthy dose of Clash Mini mixed in for good measure. The action-strategy app game tasks players with deploying fan-favorite Warcraft denizens to overpower their opponents and capture key battlefield objectives like Guard Towers and Meeting Stones. 


warcraft app game


Various game modes are set to keep things fresh, however, as Conquest, Dungeons and Raids appeal to the MMORPG gamers that will no doubt comprise a significant portion of the playerbase. Players can also go head-to-head or fight side-by-side through PvP or co-op PvE gameplay. 


Battles take the form of frantic skirmishes that will see players attempting to rake in as many resources as possible in order to purchase the mini soldiers necessary to overwhelm the opponent, be it through sheer numbers or savvy tactics.  


Fans of the old-school Warcraft titles might feel a pang of nostalgia as they command their troops, which are reminiscent of the original RTS models. But World of Warcraft fans will also recognise some familiar faces in the forms of the charismatic leaders that command these armies. 


These leaders include such famous faces as Tirion Fordring, Grommash Hellscream and Cairne Bloodhoof. And each one brings a tide-turning set of skills to the battlefield. Players will no doubt find their strategies significantly impacted by their chosen leader as they wield these unique powers in battle. 


warcraft app game


However, leaders are also faction-dependent, with five factions to choose from upon release. These factions comprise the Alliance, Horde, Beast, Blackrock and Undead – each with their own selection of leaders and specialties to bring to the table. The Horde, for instance, are particularly effective at gathering gold and making swift offensives, while the Alliance’s focus is on defense, healing and stealth. 


Success on the battlefield will lead to level-ups, allowing players to hone the skills of their favorite leader. There will be over 65 to collect upon release, though we expect this number will climb as time goes on. 


There’s no word on a Warcraft Arclight Rumble release date as yet, but prospective players can register their interest in this latest Warcraft app game by visiting the official website. Either way, we’re excited to give this upcoming title a spin. 


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