PUBG Mobile LAN Event News:


When picturing a police raid, there won’t be many that imagine the target as being a throng of PUBG Mobile players. But in countries where the foremost mobile battle royale is banned, such as Bangladesh, organizing a PUBG Mobile LAN event in spite of the law can only end one way. 

Over 100 people were arrested for participating in a PUBG Mobile LAN event that took place in the Chuadanga district of Bangladesh. And it looks as though it was a pretty young crowd. Because while 24 have been sentenced to two days in prison, the remaining 78 are having their ages verified. Any who are 18 or older will be given similar sentences.

Attendees were apparently invited online and participated as part of 19 groups. The officer in charge also stated that every participant was a part of a college or school, with expensive smartphones being confiscated from all of them.




The reason for PUBG’s ban in Bangladesh is somewhat tenuous. The government cited age-old anti-video game tropes such as their apparent ability to inspire violence in children as one reason. While another, slightly more viable reason was their addictiveness. Which is certainly something we can’t argue with. The fact that a large group of people is willing to break the law to get their fix is enough evidence of this notion. 

Bangladesh isn’t the only country to ban PUBG Mobile. The most recent was Afghanistan, justified by the Taliban government as it ‘wastes people’s time’. Other countries such as India have opted to modify the game instead of banning it, such as turning the in-game blood from red to green.

But while the ‘bad boys’ of the colleges that attended the event will now have to do hard time for two days, the authorities have hinted at harsher punishment for the six organizers, stating that a longer legal process will be pursued. 

It’s unclear whether the organizers of the PUBG Mobile LAN event in Bangladesh were expecting to get away scot-free with their session. Or whether it was organized knowing the risks and as an act of defiance. But one thing is for sure – this is a testament to just how popular PUBG Mobile is.