The worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon Go is showing no signs of slowing down. As part of the sensational Pokémon Presents 2022 showcase (which also announced the next generation of core Pokémon games in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet from out of nowhere) the augmented reality game from Niantic was afforded its own big announcement: the arrival of Alolan Pokémon.


For the uninitiated, Alola was the region introduced with the seventh generation of core Pokémon games (Scarlet and Violet being the ninth) and is modeled heavily on Hawaii. The colorful region was inhabited by similarly colorful ‘mons and flipped the typical status quo of ‘battle 8 gyms, beat the Pokémon league’. Proving that the Pokémon Company is capable of branching into new directions.


Another exciting addition was the first (and currently only) fighting/dragon type Pokémon Jangmo-o and its evolutionary line. This dual typing makes the ‘Scaly Pokémon’ a powerhouse in competitive battles (provided they don’t come up against a scary Fairy type, that is), and thus many are now wondering exactly how to get Jangmo-o in the Pokémon Go.


As you would expect from a pseudo-legendary line, it’s not necessarily that easy. The good news is that Jangmo-o spawns will be boosted until 9th March as part of the Welcome to Alola event. But that’s not to say you can catch enough to reach the 125 candies needed to evolve that all-important Kommo-o within that time frame.


Pokemon Go


In fact, perhaps the best answer on how to get Jangmo-o in Pokémon Go lies in the time-consuming (and potentially wallet-emptying, if you’re really desperate) practice of hatching 10km Eggs. So get your walking shoes on, because Niantic is forcing us outdoors again.


The best way of guaranteeing a 10km Egg is by walking 50km in a week with adventure sync turned on. Though they are also spat out of Pokéstops in rare instances. From there, we’d recommend stocking up on incubators to maximise your egg-hatching potential as you continue on your Jangmo-o-hunting hike.


Of course, the unsurprising short answer to most effectively getting your hands on Jangmo-o is to get out and walk as far and wide as possible. Scouring the streets, spinning every Pokéstop and racking up those steps will all increase your chances. And, as always, your body and mind will end up thanking you in more ways than one. Just be sure to look where you’re going.