Matchington Mansion

While there are less-than-savory routes to earning in-game currency in many app games, nothing compares to earning your wealth through legitimate means. Especially when you don’t end up spending a single penny of your own cash. With that in mind, we thought we’d share the best methods on how to get coins in Matchington Mansion. Through legitimate (and cheap) means.

These are the matchington mansion tips:

The indomitable match-3 genre is a ruler of the mobile gaming sphere (Candy Crush, anyone?). Matchington Mansion has honed in on that hype, with gameplay that is similar (if not identical) to the incredibly popular Homescapes. In it, players are tasked with renovating a mansion through a series of match-3 puzzles featuring colorful characters and a cutesy storyline. But in order to acquire the classiest furniture with which to renovate, players must first get some hard-earned coins. Here’s our preferred methods of doing so:


Matchington Mansion

How to Get Coins in Matchington Mansion

Play the Game – To get the obvious out of the way: coins are earned through playing. Shocker, we know. But successfully completing each puzzle will bestow a number of coins which will send you well on your way to renovation. You should use the earlier – and easier – rounds perfecting strategies will set you in good stead for tackling later rounds.


Less Moves = More Coins – By completing each puzzle with leftover moves, players can redeem special pillow pieces for extra coins. The amounts are randomised, but needless to say, coins can be maximized through earning these special pillow pieces at every opportunity. So streamline those moves as much as possible.


Link Facebook Account – One of the simplest ways of receiving a cash injection is by linking a Facebook account to the game – to the tune of 500 coins. This will also link up friends, allowing them to share extra lives. Though as always, be aware who you are giving your data too.


Invest Wisely – Rather than immediately splashing out on that flashy sofa, a more savvy use of money is to drop it on extra moves should they be required. Completing the puzzle will restore those coffers and keep the game chugging along, opening up opportunities for even more riches. As the saying goes: you’ve got to spend money to make money.


Of course, the easiest route to riches is by spending real life money on the game. But nobody wants to be out of pocket when they’re just spending five minutes (or a few hours) on some casual match-3 makeover fun. With that in mind, Matchington Mansion can be downloaded for free via Google Play or the App Store and features in-app purchases.