GUNS UP! is Now on Mobile


The popular GUNS UP! strategy video game on PlayStation 4 is finally set to conquer the mobile platform as GUNS UP! Mobile is officially released globally for both Android and iOS devices. Developed by Valkyrie Entertainment, GUNS UP! Was first launched in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and was later ported into Microsoft Windows in 2018 via Steam. The game introduces players to a unique side-scrolling action that merges both Real-time strategy and tower defense battles. There are two core objectives in this game. The first one is to build an impenetrable base and prevent the enemies from breaking through your defenses while the second one is to build a strong army to conquer the opponent’s bases.


While it features some classic Tower defense elements that we used to enjoy, GUNS UP is executed in a very unique fashion. Instead of simply placing towers on a given path, players can simultaneously deploy troops or use special skills during the attack which makes the gameplay even more engaging and surprisingly addictive. After a soft launch in selected countries last year, GUNS UP! Mobile is finally available globally to bring new twists to classic Tower defense battles.


Guns up


Even though the game is now designed for a mobile platform, the fans of GUNS UP will not be disappointed as the mobile version brings the same level of fun and challenge. It shares the same gameplay, the same set of campaigns, and even the same quality of graphics which makes it feels like you are playing the original GUNS UP video game only on a smaller game screen. However, unlike the PS4 and Windows versions, GUNS UP Mobile doesn’t support cross-play across multiple platforms yet and it is not yet confirmed if this feature will be added as part of its future development.


Similar to the video game, GUNS UP Mobile requires players to reinforce their camp by upgrading their buildings (outpost, bunkers, tents, command center, barracks, etc.) and by adding other defensive structures to maximize their survival. You are also encouraged to upgrade your unit’s attributes to make them more efficient when they are engaged in battles.


The highlights of GUNS UP Mobile are the multiplayer campaigns. It features asynchronous multiplayer battles similar to Supercell’s Clash of Clans. The Raid is one of the earliest multiplayer campaigns that you can unlock from this game which allows you to play online against other players’ bases in an asynchronous battle system. As you progress, you will eventually unlock other equally engaging modes including the Defend Mode where you defend your base against waves of enemies. There is also a Zombies Campaign where you protect your camp against the endless horde of zombies.


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The Community Challenge, on the other hand, gives you different missions with a higher level of difficulty. Some available campaigns are currently in the Beta phase including the Alliance Season where you either build or join an existing alliance and engage in an epic Alliance war. Prison Break is also a newly added mode where you will be tasked to infiltrate the opponent’s base and rescue the captives.


Here are some notable changes or updates to expect in GUNS UP! Mobile

Vehicles – One of the most exciting changes in GUNS UP! Mobile is the addition of vehicles in its infantry.  This time, they are adding tanks and armored vehicles that you can deploy on the field to strengthen your army and make them more efficient in battle.


Energy System – The game also introduced a new energy system. Instead of using “munition”, players can now summon or deploy units using the Energy that regenerates every time you kill a troop or destroy an enemy’s structure. The Munition, on the other hand, is now used as one of the resources that you need for upgrades.


New Units and Commander Skills – The game also introduces new units to unlock. You can unlock some units by collecting enough fragments. All of them can also be upgraded to improve their attributes and to make them more effective in battle. You can also equip them with armors, gear, and other special items that they can carry on the battlefield.


If you love tower defense games and if you are looking for a new challenge, GUNS UP! Mobile will take you on an epic adventure where you build strategic decisions at your fingertips! GUNS UP! Mobile is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing action strategy app game absolutely for free.


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