Horizon Forbidden West Vibes


Five years after the successful release of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is finally back for another epic adventure with Horizon Forbidden West. This growing franchise of Guerilla Games has been critically acclaimed and is being praised for its visually stunning graphics, immersive open-world map, and highly compelling story. Horizon Forbidden West will take place just a few months after the events of the first game. It offers wider maps to explore, new deadly machines to defeat, new compelling chapters and mysteries to unfold, and a drastic improvement in animation. If Zero Dawn is already a visual delight, imagine what this sequel has to offer. Released last February, Horizon Forbidden West is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Horizon Forbidden West sets the bar high when it comes to open-world games and while it works well with higher gaming consoles like PlayStation, gamers may not be able to experience this epic action RPG on their mobile devices yet. Interestingly, we have listed down some app games that will surely give you some Horizon Forbidden West vibes. These app games may not completely provide the same epic Horizon experience but they do feature some elements that are notably similar to the video game.


Horizon Forbidden West


Ravensword: Shadowlands

Crescent Moon Games is not really new in developing impressive open-world 3D RPGs. They are responsible for 3D premium games like Aralon, Evertales Zero, and the first Ravensword: The Fallen King. Following the success of its predecessor, Ravensword: Shadowlands is a new paid app offering of Crescent Moon. As an RPG, it has all the classic formulas the gamer needs for an epic adventure. It takes you to a medieval-inspired world where humans are constantly fighting against the dark forces dominated by trolls, ogres, and other mythical creatures. You will also encounter giant animals and even ancient dinosaurs along the way.


Similar to Horizon, Ravensword: Shadowlands takes you to an enormous 3D open-world to explore. This richly detailed world is complimented with visually stunning graphics and realistic scenery. Not to mention the compelling story that involves a series of decision-based missions and multi-part quests. As far as the combat system is concerned, the game features reflex and precision-based battles with manual blocking and dodging system that allow the user to strategize their combats. In addition to that, the game also features an impressive weaponry system where you can enjoy a plethora of powerful weapons like bows, crossbows, axes, guns, and more. There is also a mounting system that makes your navigation even more satisfying.


Horizon Forbidden West


Ninja’s Creed

Comparing a Ninja-themed app game to Horizon Forbidden West is probably a bit of a stretch but trust me, there is one element in this game that will surely give you that Horizon vibe. Ninja’s Creed by 707 Interactive is a free-to-play app game where you play the role of a ninja assassin and your mission is to eliminate all your target enemies in the stealthiest way possible. As the title connotes, it is safe to assume that this app game is merely inspired by the Assassin’s Creed video game. Gameplay-wise, Ninja’s Creed will strongly remind you of Wildlife Studio’s Sniper 3D app game.


What really set Ninja’s Creed apart is the weapon system. It should be mentioned that this game is a First-Person Shooter that features exquisite 3D characters and dynamically-changing maps. Similar to Sniper 3D, the game also features slow-motion shooting when you hit the right target. The game centers around archery and archery alone which is also the main weapon system in Horizon Forbidden West. It will surely put your shooting skills to a test. Upgrades are also available to make your character more efficient and your arsenal might also include crossbows and other secret Ninja weapons.


Horizon Forbidden West


The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls is a very successful franchise by Bethesda Game Studios. In fact, the first-ever Elder Scrolls game was launched way back in 1994 which is way ahead of the Horizon franchise. The game became a cult hit which eventually expanded to 5 major installments along with multiple expansions and spin-offs. The Elder Scrolls: Blades is one of those spin-offs that is exclusively launched for mobile devices. Launched in 2020, the game takes you to the same fictional world of the Elder Scrolls franchise where you are part of an elite group known as Blades. The goal is to protect the empire of Tamriel from all the evil forces.


The game is known for its Medieval-inspired theme with elements of fantasy where you battle with mythical creatures like goblins, ogres, undead, and anthropomorphic animals. Graphics-wise, The Elder Scrolls is an absolute visual delight that takes you to an immersive 3D world. You will embark on a series of action-packed quests including dungeons and ruins exploration. Players can customize and level up their characters to enhance their abilities. There is also impressive weaponry, a cutting-edge combat system, and a PvP Multiplayer mode to explore.


Horizon Forbidden West


Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero IV Medieval Thief

Here’s another Ninja-themed game on our list. However, unlike the Ninja’s Creed, Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero by HGames Artwork takes you to a real action RPG. In this game, you play the role of a Ninja Samurai who is hired to eliminate enemies and to find the people behind the king’s death. The studio behind this game is known for producing short 3D simulation games that do not require long-term engagement and Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero is not any different. This particular game is composed of 13 action-packed levels to explore. Despite the unimpressive longevity and lack of replay value, the game still treats you with proper visuals, wonderfully detailed Medieval maps, and decent cutscenes.


The character is equipped with two sets of weapons; a katana for melee combat and a bow for ranged attacks. You can also take advantage of the shuriken to attack enemies from afar. It also features a stealth system where you can put your archery skills to good use. Feel the sense of archery and strike at the right moment. There is also an upgrade system and a magic arrow that you can equip to make your character more efficient than ever. The game, in general, is not as polished as it should be but there is always room for improvement and it certainly has great potential.


Horizon Forbidden West


ARK: Survival Evolved

Of all the games listed here, ARK: Survival Evolved is probably the closest one to Horizon Forbidden West. Both games share notable similarities that all players will enjoy. ARK is a free-to-play app game that takes you to an open-world environment featuring a unique interpretation of the Jurassic world era. Here, humans coexist with dinosaurs and they are already civilized and are capable of building unique technologies and machines. You can either fight against these giant beasts or better yet tame them and use their skills to your own advantage.


The game features a Tribe system (a multiplayer element) that allows you to build colonies along with other survivors. This action survival game allows you to explore a massive prehistoric landscape where you can discover more than 80 species of dinosaurs. You can use your cunning strategy and tactics to tame, train, and even breed these primeval creatures. Eventually, you can also mount these creatures for easy and faster navigation. ARK also features an impressive weaponry system where you can craft and upgrade items to improve their efficiency. Best of all, the game takes you to an immensely beautiful 3D open world that is surprisingly accessible via the mobile platforms.

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