As the world has learned to embrace the digital age over the past few decades, social media has become part of our daily lives. It also has become an effective platform for the gaming community, allowing them to share their content and join interactive forums where they can connect with people that share the same interests. In recent years, gaming content creation has seen a noticeable surge. A great number of gamers who now referred themselves to as “live streamers”, “content creators”, and “influencers” are taking advantage of different social platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Steam not just to share their passion for gaming with other game enthusiasts but also to build a decent career out of it.

These aforementioned platforms have become an avenue for passionate gamers to captivate viewers with their impressive gaming skills, charisma, and exciting content in an attempt to establish their personal brand and community. These platforms, however, have a wide scope that covers almost every genre or niche, making it a big challenge for game content creators to reach their target market. This is where GameReel comes to play!



Introducing GameReel

GameReel is a one-stop hub exclusively designed for the gaming community that is built and developed by actual gamers. Best described as a “gamified” social media platform, GameReel provides what exactly the gamer wants and what exactly they need. From unified forums to content monetization, this social media platform has all the tools to make you an effective game content creator and help you unleash your full potential.

The platform eliminates the complexity of the current gaming ecosystem today. In order for a game content creator to engage more followers or to build a stable community, one should not rely solely on a single channel or platform to promote their content. This requires extra effort to promote their materials to various social media platforms and online forums. Some are even paying money for advertising to expand their reach.

With GameReel, there is no need to switch from one platform to another because everything can be accessed in one social hub. The app  curates all the games you are actively playing and offers a consolidated forum system. Here, you do not need to dive into multiple forums that talk about the same game. Instead, they form a single forum that allows you to filter content according to your preferences. This also helps gamers and enthusiasts to find the right community to join with. In addition to that, each community has a wide range of features that they can take advantage of.  These include events, polls, and various reward systems.


The Power of AI

It is also interesting to note that GameReel is utilizing the power of AI. Named ‘Nexum”, it provides a smartly collected feed for users, allowing them to see content that matches their interests. The Nexum collects data opted-in from users and analyzes user behavior to understand what games the users play, how they play, what they are currently and frequently engage with, their posts, and the comments they leave. From these, Nexum can smartly curate data and display whatever is strongly relevant to the users in their feed.


GameReel’s Digital Currency

The platform also introduces its own currency system. Currently, it comes with three currencies with various purposes and functions. The Central Coins serve as their core currency that users can purchase for USD. These coins can be used for the majority of the in-app economy. Digit Coins, on the other hand, are distributed each month for free to all users. The core function of these coins is to be used for placing bets or wagering on predictive tournaments held inside the community. GameReel’s Convert is the currency system that enables users to convert their digital currency to real money.


Additional Revenue for Game Creators

Monetizing content is not really new. Most influencers are utilizing their platforms in major social media and use them as a source of revenue through multiple advertisers. Interestingly, GameReel is also providing creators with an additional way to earn money. It grants access to Advertiser Economy that connects users to brands for mutual collaboration. Creators can also earn equity in the revenue of their own forums. They also provide an enhanced data analytics dashboard that allows you to get comprehensive insights, showcasing details such as revenue, demographics, and more.

Whether you are a content creator, an aspiring one, or simply an avid gamer, we cannot deny the fact that the gaming community is rapidly evolving. There is an overwhelming number of social media platforms today and before we know it, there’s another one launched to target new audiences. It is about time that there is a game-centered social media platform like GameReel that opens tons of great opportunities for creators and gamers alike. It creates a link between advertisers and creators, allowing both parties to reach their target market and earn additional revenue respectively.

GameReel is a game-changing platform brilliantly developed by gamers to empower the ever-growing gaming community and to create a strong niche-centric environment.