We all feel the need for a fresh start sometimes. And Jagex is providing that catharsis this September & October as it introduces Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, respectively. Because if we can’t introduce a ‘Fresh Start’ server IRL, at least we can indulge in that dream in app games.

Beginning September 12th,2022, RuneScape  players can start anew as Jagex celebrates surpassing 300 million OSRS accounts. The Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape will allow players to create brand new characters all starting from square one as if the game had just been released.

Of course this will have the somewhat enviable effect of restarting the RuneScape economy, along with an all-new Grand Exchange, rare tradable rewards and an accelerated XP boost to supercharge the leveling – as this event will only run for four months.

What’s more, RuneScape newbies and vets alike can transfer their Fresh Start RuneScape character to the core RuneScape, complete with all their boosted XP and rewards including new cosmetic armor, pet skins, alternative skill capes, rare tradable rewards and OSRS gold. Competitive players will also be able to prove their worth as part of an eight-week competition focused on hi-scores and world-firsts.


Fresh start worlds for RuneScape


Meanwhile, Fresh Worlds for Old School RuneScape will arrive in October (specific date TBA), and will provide much of the same content apart from the XP boost. However, these Fresh Worlds will hang around for a full six months as opposed to four, and will still give players the chance to transfer to the main account.

“We’re constantly blown away by the dedication of our community in both Old School and RuneScape” said Phil Mansell, Jagex CEO. “Fresh Start Worlds is an opportunity for players both new and returning to start again as equals, experiencing the game together in world
with a brand new economy, forging new adventures in a fresh world for the first time since our launch 21 years ago. Now really is the perfect moment to get back into RuneScape!”

To top things off, the celebration will also include a free gift from the ever-reveling Party Pete as part of the 300 Million Party at the Grand Exchange. RuneScape (iOS & Android) and Old School RuneScape (iOS & Android) are available to download for free now, so get ready for a fresh start.


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