PUBG Mobile Changes You Should Be Aware Of.


There are some big PUBG Mobile changes on the way. Update 2.0 is set to release in early May, bringing the official Livik 2.0 map in addition to some new mechanics, a crackdown on cheaters, and some truly outlandish collaborations.


By far one of the biggest PUBG Mobile changes, however, is the release of the official Livik map. This map should be familiar to some as it recently underwent its beta phase. But the release of the official version sees some significant changes – a lot of which are pretty exciting.


Midstein has received an overhaul, with the sleepy village providing both vantage points and ample opportunities for close-range scuffles. The wide streets of Blomster, meanwhile, mean that ascending to the nearest vantage point is of top priority. Aside from playing a few rounds of soccer in the nearby pitch, that is.


The Lumber Yard has now been updated to the Logistics Center, with crates and freights providing cover galore as players weave through this close-range map. Iceborg, meanwhile, features a striking centerpiece with its church and smattering of buildings.


PUBG Mobile Changes


Aside from the map, PUBG Mobile 2.0 also brings a small all-terrain vehicle perfectly suited to on and off-road transport for up to four passengers. New mechanics increase accessibility to XT weapons and resources with features such as advanced supply zones and a new Treasure Hunt feature providing riches aplenty.


Meanwhile, BanPan 2.0 is basically a crackdown on cheaters. This will feature the cutting-edge ‘fog of war’ anti-cheat system which can efficiently combat x-ray vision and other nefarious activities. The process for finding and reporting cheaters has also been improved.


And whilst not part of the update, some of the upcoming PUBG Mobile collaborations are pretty intriguing, to say the least. A collaboration with K-pop superstars BLACKPINK is probably the least surprising of the three given the rise in musical collaboration with the video game industry. Their collaboration with popular mecha anime Evangelion also tenuously acceptable given the militaristic nature of both.


However, an upcoming collaboration with the Great British Teddy Bear Company is something of a head-spinner. And certainly not one we’d expect from a game that has received worldwide bans for ultra-violence. Needless to say, we can’t wait for more details to drop with this one.


For a full rundown of the PUBG Mobile changes to come with 2.0, check out the official reveal trailer.