It seems like the Netflix Games Department is really working hard to improve its growing collection. Three years ago, Netflix started to launch its very own library of mobile games that can be played exclusively by Netflix Subscribers. They started out few but the library is seemingly growing, introducing a bunch of surprisingly good and console-grade quality app games. Recently, they launched Highwater, an epic survival adventure that instead of using the classic zombie-outbreak story, they make use of the world’s natural calamity that wipes out humanity.

Netflix Raji: An Ancient Epic is part of its library, allowing mobile users to enjoy this beautiful game. It is interesting to note that Raji is not a game exclusively developed by Netflix or any game studios that it recently acquired. Raji: An Ancient Epic was developed by Nodding Heads Games Studio and was released in 2020 for multiple gaming platforms like Windows (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game was a massive hit to gamers, reaping many awards, and praising the game for its beautiful visuals, compelling story, and well-polished gameplay. Raji, however, is not a free-to-play game on any of the aforementioned gaming platforms. However, if you are a Netflix Subscriber, you’ll be able to experience this epic game for free. Simply download Raji: An Ancient Epic either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or through the Netflix app itself. While you can download it for free from the Play stores, the game will still be requiring players to sign in to their Netflix Account to access the content.

Once done, you may now proceed to play netflix raji: An Ancient Epic. The game comes with two modes; the Campaign Mode and the Story. Campaign Mode allows you to play the game as intended and it also comes with three levels of difficulty while Story Mode will ease up the combat, allowing players to focus more on the story.


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An Epic Story

The story plays a large role in any role-playing game. The plot is where the heart of the game is and Raji managed to deliver a highly compelling plot to the audience. It comes with a brilliant style of narration which is presented in a colorful 2D shadow puppet visual, a traditional storytelling method used in ancient Hindu. The game heavily incorporates Hinduism and is also inspired by many Indian epics like Ramayana, and Mahabharata to name a few.

The game follows the story of Raji, an orphaned circus performer who was destined by the Gods to save the world from demons. It all started when the demons lead by the demon lord Mahabalasura took many children as captives including her young brother Golu. Determined to save his brother, Raji, with the guidance of the Gods, will go on an epic journey to defeat all enemies. The Gods including Durga and Vishnu bestowed her the divine Trishul, a sacred trident with powerful abilities that she can use to fulfill her heroic destiny. As you progress in the game, Raji’s skill will drastically evolve and improve, making her capable to defeat the God-level powers of Mahabalasura. If you think you can help her accomplish this epic mission to save his brother and humanity from demons, feel free to explore Raji: An Ancient Epic and see what else this remarkable game has to offer.


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Netflix Raji Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are easy yet surprisingly tricky and challenging. For instance, the game involves a lot of different actions depending on Raji’s situation. Some actions will require you to jump from one platform to another in a very timely manner. Some require you to climb on tall poles while others require you to climb on walls. You can navigate around the beautiful 3D map using the virtual joypad located on the left side of the game screen. On the right side, you’ll find a collection of tap-based buttons that allows you to perform numerous actions including attacks and evade. It is also interesting to note that Raji has no life meter or health point of some sort. She will, however, die quickly if she sustained too much damage or attacks from the enemies.

What makes raji an ancient epic official game more challenging are the obstacles. Whether it is a large pit or a tall pole, falling will quickly end Raji’s life and you have no option but to start from the nearest save point. If you failed to surpass a specific area repeatedly, the game will just take you to the next save point so you can progress. Engaging in combat is also tricky in this game. First, the area will be limited and you cannot escape the battle until all enemies are defeated. Secondly, the battlefield is 3D and enemies can move and approach you in any direction. The same thing goes when hitting them with your skills. To execute the attacks properly, you need to position your character at a right angle.


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Solve Puzzles

If the combat isn’t enough, Raji: An Ancient Epic also features tons of mind-boggling puzzles that will surely put your skills and knowledge to a great test. Unlike most RPGs, the game doesn’t come with any collectible items or any loot or coins you can grab along the way. There is no currency system that allows you to buy any sort of consumables or even cosmetics in an in-game shop.

While there are no items to collect, the game comes with many cut-scenes to unlock. These cut-scenes will either reveal the story of Raji and her past or will reveal something about the Gods and the Demons. The beautiful story of the game that is wonderfully narrated by the Gods is the greatest strength of Raji: An Ancient Epic.

The game is giving me some Sky: Children of The Light vibes. It offers an enigmatic and eerie atmosphere while wonderfully incorporating some colorful Indian culture into the story. The remarkable console-grade visuals of the game are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effects that will surely set you in an adventurous mood.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is indeed an excellent addition to Netflix Games’ growing collection. It is a well-polished RPG providing Netflix Subscribers with some premium-level gaming experience.

Check out the ancient epic official game trailer:

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