New Devolver App Games


It seems that Netflix games are going from strength to strength. As it continues to bolster its app game library, the streaming platform has drawn the attention of one big name in the app gaming sphere – Devolver Digital.

For the uninitiated, Devolver Digital is the studio behind Serious Sam, Hotline Miami and the Reigns series, among many, many others. They’re known for publishing some of the highest quality indie games on the market and maintaining a library of games with a distinct sense of humor. In general, they’re beloved by gamers everywhere – which is why having a slew of new Devolver app games join the Netflix roster is great news for Netflix. 

The new partnership was announced as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week, a five-day virtual showcase that delves into all of Netflix’s upcoming projects via trailers, art and general entertainment. And Netflix games were a part of the main features. The new Devolver app games were announced to include Ponpy, Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Terra Nil on Friday’s event. 


New devolver app games


Poinpy is a fruity new title from the creators of Downwell that tasks players with keeping a blob-like beast satisfied by feeding it juice. Through climbing and bouncing through a cave filled with fruit, players will find themselves striving to meet the demands of the hungry beast by selecting the right fruit and pounding it into juice. Poinpy is available to play on Netflix as of right now.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms is another Reigns game spinoff based on the legendary Chinese epic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Reigns sees players assume the role of ruler, attempting to keep their head and authority by granting or denying the requests of their subjects. Three Kingdoms is no different, only in this title players are thrust into the turbulent final years of the Han Dynasty. It will also feature some unique minigames is set to release later this year.

The last of the new Devolver app games is Terra Nil – which is set to release in 2023. Terra Nil tasks players with reconstructing the ecosystem of a desolate wasteland into a lush and vibrant ecological paradise. Terra Nil is one of many titles seeking to spread the word of environmentalism through its gameplay mechanics – and we’re all here for it. 

All three app games – once released – can be enjoyed straight away with a Netflix membership and feature no in-app purchases.