Legatus is here. It’s time for another rip-roaring addition to the Black Desert Mobile roster. And, by Jove, will it make romanophiles happy! The latest BDM class, Legatus, is set to embody the spirit of Jupiter himself with the awesome power of lightning at his fingertips and an ancient levitating weapon at his back. And as if that prospect wasn’t cool enough, he will be joined by the fiery steed that is the Dream Horse, “Doom”. Seems like another great gaming experience.


‘The Last Hero’, Legatus, has arrived with the latest patch, which also delivers a standard array of bug fixes and improvements alongside the all-important new content. The Roman-inspired hero wields Kibelius, a spear imbued with the power of lightning, and Arkanon, an ancient drone-like weapon that rains lightning upon his foes.

The latest BDM class is Awakened, and players will have four skills upon creating Legatus, with more skills in-bound as they level up. Here’s a list of the skills players can anticipate:


  • Eye of Ator (Passive): Gain insight into enemies and their weaknesses
  • Spear Bolt (Level 1): Imbue Kibelius with the power of lightning
  • Divine Punishment (Level 1): Summon a great spear and imbue Arkanon with the power of lightning
  • Imprison (Level 1): Summon lightning spears to thrash the enemy
  • Lightning Crash (Level 1): Launch a lightning-imbued Kibelius at the enemy
  • Thunderclap (Level 10): Charge the enemy whilst enveloped in lightning
  • Lightning Sentinel (Level 20): Summon Arkanon to lock-on and attack an enemy
  • Sentinel Beam (Level 30): Summon Arkon to unleash a beam of lightning
  • Thunderbird (Level 40): Throw Kibelius into the air then leap to catch it and throw it at the enemy
  • Incessant Storm (Level 50): Summon repeated lightning strikes through Kibelius
  • Divine Executioner (Level 60): Summon an enormous spear attack
  • Power of Kibelius (Level 70): Strengthen Legatus through the power of Kibelius




Doom, meanwhile, is the newest legendary Dream Horse. This flame-cloaked mount will provide increased Horse Inventory weight as well as more mobility than a Tier 8 Horse. It will also use Ultimate Quantum Jump, providing plenty of fast-travel options to exploit.


Alongside the latest BDM class comes a slew of fixes to older ones, including Reaper, Raven and Sura. These mainly include fixes to bugs that occur during the heat of battle when unleashing certain skills.


But there’s plenty more to expect. So for a full rundown of the update for Legatus, check out the official patch notes.


What do you think about Legatus?