Genshin Impact Clone News

It was only a matter of time before a Genshin Impact clone joined the app game market, though we didn’t think it would take quite so long. But in Q3 of 2022, Tower of Fantasy is set to launch to a global audience, and as of right now there are ample rewards for players to secure in a pre-registration bonanza.

To be fair, calling Tower of Fantasy a Genshin Impact clone is perhaps overstating it a little. Though the new gacha game from Level Infinite definitely looks and feels the same as the HoYoVerse success story in terms of stunning art style and fighting mechanics, it steers more into multiplayer functionality with the ability to carry out entire adventures with friends. It is also decidedly more sci-fi, despite its name.  

Either way, it’s safe to assume that Tower of Fantasy is going to enjoy a significant measure of success upon launch. And the milestone rewards that Level Infinite and Hotta are willing to dish out shows a level of confidence in just how many pre-registrations the new gacha game will receive. 


Genshin Impact clone


Pre-registrations for Tower of Fantasy are open now, and joining in will earn players the following rewards after each pre-registration milestone is reached: 

  • 500,000 players: Astra Frame x1, Black Nucleus x2, Wholegrain Bread x10, Gold x2888.
  • 1 million players: Limited Title x1, Black Nucleus x3, Fried Chicken x10, Weapon Battery III x4.
  • 1.5 million players: Gold Nucleus x3, Avatar:Zeke x1,Sizzling Meat x10, Gold x3888
  • 2 million players: Jetpack Paint: Orion x1, Gold Nucleus x3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10, Weapon battery III x4
  • 2.5 million players: Outfit: Star Sand x1,Gold Nucleus x4, Nut Tea x10, Gold x6888.

As is typical with pre-registration rewards, it’s hard to know just how useful items like ‘Gold Nucleus’ and ‘Nut Tea’ are going to be. But there’s certainly no harm in getting a leg-up upon launch just by registering one’s interest early. 

Pre-registration can be made via the official Tower of Fantasy website. While more information on the upcoming title can be read via their latest news story announcing the pre-registration rewards.