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The Feast of Spring Rain event begins!

While faithfully inheriting the style of classic MMORPGs including artworks that reflect the world of the MIR IP, isometric viewpoint, and 8-directional grid, the game also implemented successful features of MIR4. At the same time, MIR M’s unique content and systems were added to create a new experience that is the vast Mir continent.

After the early game stage which begins with Avatars that change your character appearance and stats and Companions and Mounts that accompany you into battles and adventures, you arrive at the mid-game stage with Mandalas for you to pioneer your own path of growth, Professions to hone your talents, and clans to fight your own combats. The end game is distinguished by wars, including the Hidden Valley Captures and Castle Sieges to determine the true best clan. Each moment in MIR M will provide you with a refreshing and entertaining experience.

The event heralding spring begins.

There are opportunities to obtain Companion/Avatar Summoning Tickets with Spring 14 Days Check-in. You can also get Party Dungeon Event Chests as rewards for clearing Party Dungeons.

There are various items prepared for the Party Dungeon Event Chests, so clear Party Dungeons with others.

Then there is Mir’s Fast Breakthrough which supports Skill Tomes and Mandala enhancement.

Finally, you can obtain lots of EXP and items (up to Relic grades) from the Elite Sealed Tower, so don’t miss out on this event!

[Age of War and Adventure, Vanguard and Vagabond]

In the world of MIR M, strength is not the only factor in measuring one’s growth.

You can walk the path of the hero, ruling over the battlefield with overwhelming power. Or, you can walk the path of the master who has reached the highest stage in gathering, mining, and fishing. Whichever path you choose is completely up to you. The results of the choice you make will be recognized by all as meaningful.

[Mandala: Walk Your Own Path]

Mandala is a new growth specialization system newly introduced in MIR M.

Mandala is categorized into 2 parts: Combat and Profession. Each category has many Spot Points that provide various stats. By connecting different Spot Points and activating different stats, you can customize your character in your own way.


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