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Over 100 heroes in seven factions. Build the ultimate formations and battle your way to the top. Celestials, Hypograns, Dimensionals are the rarest.


Equip your heroes and strategize unbeatable lineups to overcome your enemies in battle. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions.


Progress through the campaign and fight the ancient evil Hypogeans from destroying the realm of Esperia. Race to the finish in King’s Tower. See how far you can go into the Labyrinth with your relics. Battle other players in the PVP Arena mode. AFK Arena is a classic turn-based RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling!


The battle doesn’t stop when you log off. Level-up even while you’re AFK, and reap the rewards when you next log on – so you can jump right back into the adventure.


About Subscriptions and Apple Website Subscriptions

1. Pricing & Billing Cycle

Enable “Subscription (Weekly)” within the game for $0.99 a week, which will be billed weekly (every 7 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)

Enable “Subscription (Monthly)” within the game for $2.99 a week, which will be billed every natural month (every 30 days). (Price may vary depending on your location.)

2. Subscription Content

Subscribers will be eligible for certain perks during the subscription period, including:

– Team Bounty Quests +1

– Increases AFK Rewards Gold Quantity By +10%

– Increases King’s Tower Mercenary Uses By +1

– Increases Faction Tower Mercenary Uses By +1

– Increases Campaign Mercenary Uses By +1

– Guild Coin Drop Quantity +10%

– Labyrinth Token Drop Quantity +10%

3. Automatic Subscription Renewal

The App Store subscription is auto-renewed with payment confirmed via your iTunes Account. Users can manage the auto-renew manually through the iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager. The subscription will auto-renew for the assigned billing period if the auto-renew feature is not turned off 24 hours before the current subscription expires.

4. User Agreement and Privacy Policy

User Agreement

Privacy Statement

5. Subscription Cancellation

If you would like to cancel your subscription, go to ‘Settings’ on your iOS device –> ‘iTunes & App Store’ –> tap ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’. Enter ‘Account Settings’, tap ‘Subscriptions’ –> ‘Manage’ and select the subscription for ‘AFK Arena’ to cancel it.


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