From the same team behind app games like AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Art of Conquest comes a new game that takes your favorite gacha system to another level. Dislyte is the newest addition to Lilith growing RPG Collection which brings popular urban mythological characters in their futuristic interpretation. The mechanics for this newly launched app game is very much the same as your classic gacha RPG but at the same time, it is also incorporated with many unique elements. For instance, the gacha system of Dislyte is notably well-balanced. Here, you will not just summon one random character after another. Instead, you will be asked to explore the game’s main campaign to collect more spin and unlock new characters which are referred to here as the “Espers”. Along with impressive character designs, the game will also highlight music as one of its core elements.




A Modern Take on Classic Mythology

The story of Dislyte started when the so-called “Miracle” mysteriously arrived in the world and changed everything. The Miracle bestowed magnificent abilities to the chosen ones and turned them into the so-called Espers, people with God-like powers. The pioneering Espers established Espers Union to protect humanity from the Miramons and those who misuse their powers, and also to uncover the mystery behind Miracles.


The game will introduce you first to the main protagonist Brynn and her partner Sieg. Both of them were supposed to perform a big night concert in Gyrate when Miramon suddenly arrived. The enemies took Sieg while Brynn was saved by the Esper Union. She also discovered that she is an Esper and she decided to train herself in the headquarter to unlock her full potential and get enough strength to save Sieg from the Shadow Decree. Here, she will be accompanied by her fellow Espers and build a squad to destroy the evil and bring the world back to its former glory.




The Gameplay

Dislyte follows very simple and easily manageable mechanics. If you have experienced playing a classic gacha RPG, then you should know the drill. The Esper Union HQ will serve as your main home which will give you access to all the game features and campaigns. Tap the Story to access the main campaign. Each chapter is composed of multiple stages that you need to complete in order to progress. The game features classic turn-based combat. Each character comes with a unique set of skills and each has its own cooldown time. Meaning, an Esper cannot use the same skill consecutively during the battle. This is where the strategy or tactics comes into play. You should decide carefully which skill should be used first and which one should come next. Take note that some skills are designed to “buff” your team, increasing their respective attributes (HP, ATK, etc.).

Each squad is composed of five members and you are free to customize their formation and assign the respective leader. Upgrading your Espers is also a key element in maximizing your squad’s survival in the battle.  You can do so by equipping them with Relics. Relics can be looted from the battles, daily login rewards, and other bonuses. By collecting a set, you can drastically boost their attributes. An Esper can gain a new level by putting it on a battle (through exp points) or by manually upgrading them using a material called Experimon.




The Gacha System

The core feature of Dislyte is the gacha system that will introduce players to a great number of unique characters. Currently, there are more than 70 uniquely-designed Espers that you can unlock by visiting the Echo station. A player must obtain a Gold Record to grant him a single spin. Each spin will guarantee the player an Esper which will vary depending on their rarity and elements. These include Legendary (5-Stars Espers), Epic (4-stars Espers), Rare (3-Star Espers), Uncommons (2-Stars), and Common Espers (1-Star). Aside from the Echo System, you can also summon new Espers through Ripple Dimension and Esper Fusion System. If you managed to obtain duplicates, you can use the so-called Divine Resonance to grant you additional Energy.


Espers will also vary depending on their Elements. You can use this Element system in the battle and take advantage of your character’s strengths and weaknesses. As far as the character design is concerned, Dislyte is an absolute visual delight. Instead of presenting us with the classic mythological characters that we are all familiar with, the game provides a modern interpretation of these iconic characters. Popular characters like Medusa, Anubis, Artemis, Nezha, Odin, Gaia, Apollo, and more will all have their own futuristic interpretation. Each character also comes with a unique set of skills and they also vary in terms of their abilities (Fighters, Supports, Controllers, and more). Not to mention the cinematic scenes every time they execute their special attack.




Multiplayer Campaigns, PvE, and Special Events

While the story mode is merely a single-player campaign, Dislyte also comes with PvP and PvE modes that you can explore. The Trials Mode is the first PvE campaign that you can unlock which features Boss battles with a varying range of difficulties. By reaching Level 13, you can unlock the Bounties Mode. Here, you can play and accept different types of quests every day to receive various valuable rewards. Some of the mission types include Relic Collection, Monster Raid, Power Raiser, and Divine Waves Collection.


PvP campaigns like the Arena War and the Point War will be unlocked upon reaching Level 18. Point War is a ranked battle that allows players to fight against all other players and get a lot of valuable rewards, including Abilimon and Gold Record while Arena War is more of a friendly PvP match. There is also a DJ Contest mode that will utilize the game’s music element. This will take you to rhythm-game-inspired gameplay similar to DJ Hero. Here, you play a rhythm game in which you match the turntable at the bottom to the upcoming notes.


Dislyte also features special and limited-time events. Just recently, they announced their upcoming first-ever Musical community event. The XHz Music Festival – Interactive Virtual Club Event will be held on Dislyte’s official YouTube channel in the form of an interactive virtual club that you can freely join. The festival will feature 8 DJs and will be around 3 hours long. During the festival, gift codes will be randomly displayed on the 2 screens on both sides of the stage. Everybody can claim them, but their quantity is limited.


Currently Dislyte is available for both Android and iOS devices.