New Warcraft app game – what could go wrong? 


World of Warcraft fans recently received bad news after it was announced that work on a new Warcraft app game had been stopped. But in the midst of the tragedy came a tongue-in-cheek response from a similar, though a little less popular mobile title to help break the tension. 

The new Warcraft app game, which was codenamed Project Neptune, was due to be more similar to the PC-based MMORPG than other mobile spinoffs like Hearthstone or the recently announced Arclight Rumble. According to reports, the title would have been a mobile-based MMORPG set in the World of Warcraft universe but in a different era.

However, the sun recently set on this endeavor thanks to a dispute between the developers of the new Warcraft app game: Blizzard & NetEase. According to anonymous sources obtained by Bloomberg, the dispute centered around finances. Which will no doubt make things awkward as the two are still tied up in multiple other projects. Blizzard depends on NetEase to publish its biggest games in China, for instance, including World of Warcraft and Diablo Immortal.


New Warcraft app game


But the awkwardness was smashed by “rival” MMORPG Adventure Quest 3D, a WoW lookalike that is already available to play on mobile as well as PC with cross-play functionality. The game’s developer, Artix, took to Twitter right away and issued an “apology” to Blizzard for the role that Adventure Quest 3D played in the project’s cancellation.

​​”As a long-time fan and player of World of Warcraft, I was disheartened to hear the news. Hindsight being 20/22 it was a strategic and wise move. With our 20th anniversary coming this October and the launch of the mobile version of our 2D AdventureQuest Worlds game… their marketing efforts would have been completely drown out by the frenzy of cheers from the 5 or so people who actually tweet nice things at me on Twitter,” said Adam Bohn, CEO/Paladin of Artix Entertainment, LLC, “So until Blizzard builds a massively multiplayer game for mobile, there is at least one MMO you should be playing. And if the servers for that one are down, try AdventureQuest 3D.”

Suffice to say, the responses were decidedly positive, with the tongue-in-cheek response earning many a laugh and maybe even cheering up some WoW fans in the process.


Anyone who wishes to take Artix up on their offer can do so by downloading Adventure Quest 3D via the App Store or Google Play for free. 


New Warcraft App Game