Crush the Castle Collection

Before Angry Birds hits the mainstream back in 2010, we once had “Crush the Castle”, a flash game by Armor Games that probably started it all. Rovio revealed that Angry Birds is indeed inspired by this popular flash game. The popularity of Flash games, however, started to decline and people started to switch from browsers to smartphones as their main platform for gaming. Eventually, Adobe Flash Player finally laid to rest, killing almost every flash game we adore.


Luckily, some of the biggest flash game portals like Kongregate, Armor Games, CrazyGames, and Miniclip managed to transfer some of their biggest game titles on different game engines that allow us to enjoy them again using our mobile devices. Some notable titles like Kingdom Rush, Age of War, Burrito Bison, Fancy Pants Adventure, and Red Ball ventured successfully on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, providing nostalgic gaming experiences to everyone.


Crush the castle


Armor Games did the same thing with Crush the Castle but they took an entirely different approach. Crush the Castle: Siege Master brought the classic physics-based puzzles but offers a drastic improvement in terms of graphics and campaigns. Luckily for OG fans, the publisher also brought the classic Crush the Castle into the App Store to experience the original gameplay. Now, Armor Games is giving us a new exciting treat by bringing not just one but the entire collection of Crush the Castle series into mobile.


Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection, as the title suggests, is a collection of all the major titles of Crush the Castle games that originated as flash games. This collection includes Crush the Castle 1, Crush the Castle 2, and Crush the Castle Adventure. It also includes Player Pack editions for the first two versions of Crush the Castle. There is no need to download separate apps to access the entire collection. Once you have downloaded the Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection either from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ll get access to all three titles immediately without patching or extra downloads.


Crush the Castle


Players will get exactly the same game but with slightly modified graphics and an Achievement system. The leaderboard will now be integrated with your Google Play or Apple Game Center which allows you to compete with other players online. The quality of graphics for this app game can be modified in one click allowing you to adjust the quality according to your preferences.


The gameplay for Crush the Castle is simple and pretty much self-explanatory. You take control of a giant trebuchet and destroy the opposing castle using a wide variety of weapons. The lesser the number of attempts, the higher the score you will get. Despite the apparent simplicity of its gameplay, Crush the Castle has a reputation of being surprisingly and frustratingly difficult that will put your skills and probably your temper to an ultimate test.


Crush the castle


You can play and switch from one title to another without losing your progress. Each also has its own leaderboard and score system. There are more than 300 levels to explore which provides this app game with impressive longevity and a decent replay value. The catch, however, is that players will be greeted with ads every time they completed the level. This is where the Player Pack editions come into play. The Player Pack Edition for Crush the Castle 1 and 2 will eliminate all forms of advertisements and will also unlock a special Zombie mode.


Whether you are a big fan of the Crush the Castle series or you love physics-based games, Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection is surely a great fit for you. It doesn’t just provide a nostalgic gaming experience but it will also show you the kind of legacy that this series brought into the gaming world that inspired most of the mobile games today. Currently, Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the app game for free. Have fun!