Cookie Run’s Devsisters – Why is Cookie Run So Popular?


The Cookie Run devs are certainly going all-in on what we shall dub the ‘cookieverse’. After receiving real commercial success over the years with their gingerbread man-themed titles, developers Devsisters have decided to run with it and introduce their very own showcase event entitled ‘Dev Now’. Think ‘Nintendo Direct’…but cookier.


Devsisters’ flagship titles include runner Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, match-3 Cookie Run: Puzzle World and kingdom-builder Cookie Run: Kingdom. All three are hugely successful app games in the eastern market, though it looks as though Devsisters are hoping to make even bigger waves in the west.


This looks like an expansion of their cookieverse, with the reported introduction of MOBA OvenSmash, puzzle adventure game Witch’s Castle and the mysterious Project B – a strategic co-op game that may be mechanically similar to the wildly successful It Takes Two.


However, cookie-based spin-offs aren’t all that Devsisters are cooking up. On their website they have been advertising two brand new titles that don’t seem to involve any characters from the cookieverse. These comprise city-builder Brixity – a building block simulator with impressive customization capabilities – and Safe House – a ‘new take on the shooter genre’ that will connect players around the world in a far more realistic 3D environment.

cookie run


This collection of upcoming titles is probably why Devsisters have announced Dev Now via Twitter. In the announcement posted earlier today, they announced that Dev Now will be an online showcase featuring new titles, new updates, new stories and more. The showcase will take place live via the Devsisters YouTube channel at 10am Korean time (GMT+9).


We can remain somewhat assured that this showcase will simply be a cavalcade of trailers and first-looks at all of the aforementioned titles, perhaps with some concrete release dates in mind.


Though that hasn’t stopped a lot of people responding on Twitter to beg the company not to reveal any NFT-related plans. This is perhaps due to the recent spate of video game companies revealing plans for ‘play-to-earn’ games which will feature NFTs, only to receive significant backlash from their audiences.


To receive confirmation one way or the other about cookie run, be sure to catch the showcase live via the official Devsisters YouTube channel.


Some of the devs great work:

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