Valkyrie Rush is the latest collectible idle mobile RPG from the forebodingly named publisher Com2uS and German developer Novacore Studios. The game features a bevy of popular mobile game features including idle, collection, and merging mechanics rolled into one anime-styled fantasy world. And it has recently enjoyed its worldwide launch.


The game sees players take control of their own clan of artistically-rendered valkyries as they tear across the skies in touch-and-drag ranged combat. Players must conquer planets through shooting mechanics reminiscent of retro shooters with a sleekly modern veneer.




This valkyrie legion can be both upgraded and bolstered by new blood as players seek to build the fiercest army of winged warriors. The collectible idle mobile RPG encourages players to collect as many of these 40 distinct warriors as possible, alongside myths to strategically build and upgrade their unique legion. Acquiring Crystals is also key, as these will allow players to summon the fairies from which the Valkyrie are born.


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The ‘rush’ doesn’t stop when putting the phone down, either. Expect to reap rewards aplenty whilst offline, with EXP and Gold pouring in whilst the player is ‘idle’. Evidently, Valkyrie Rush is trying hard to fulfil all the fantasies.


Social gameplay elements are also present in the form of Legendary Bosses and Daily Dungeons. Whilst upgrading Valkyries takes the form of merging mechanics, with players starting off with Tier 1 fairies that fuse to eventually become unique Valkyries each with their own offensive capabilities such as the heavy weapon-wielding ‘goddess of battlefields’ or magic-slinging witch.


To celebrate the launch, Com2uS have laid on some special events replete with unique rewards. Players can earn in-game currency including Rubies and Sky Pieces by simply logging in. This, alongside a special check-in event held twice a day at 9am and 2pm PST, will help bolster that in-game wallet for minimal effort. Players can also claim “Shiny Tier 10 Fairies” which summon Valkyries according to their cumulative check-in counts.


The game is free-to-play, though does contain in-app purchases. It is available to download now from Google Play or the App Store, and maintains an active community on Facebook.