Snoop Dogg Collaboration Confirmed

Rap royalty Snoop Dogg is making a triumphant return to the Call of Duty franchise. Following his inclusion in Call of Duty: Ghosts way back in 2014 as a voice pack, app gamers are now getting a look-in as he joins the Call of Duty: Mobile roster. A turn of events that were all but confirmed in a recent Tweet by Call of Duty.


Dissecting the ‘teaser’ is about as easy as internet sleuthing can be. The tweet reads “Recovered these Dogg Tags in battle. Anyone know whose they are?” and is accompanied by a video of two golden ‘Dogg’ tags obscured by thick smoke that reads ‘Call of Duty Vanguard Warzone 041922’ and ‘Call of Duty Mobile 040122’. And to really hammer the point home, audio reveals a familiar cough and signature “damn” from none other than Snoop himself. So yeah, we can expect to see a CoD Mobile Snoop operator skin arriving on 1st April this year.


Further prying (for the hell of it) also calls into the question the two dates: 1 + 19 which add up to 20. So 4/20 – a date that is particularly close to Snoop’s heart, we’d wager. Though we’ll sweep the fact that CoD Mobile Snoop is supposedly arriving on 1st April – a date that is significant for other reasons – under the rug for now.


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The news also follows Snoop’s recent sign-up with FaZe Clan – a professional esports organization that specializes in CoD among some other shooters. Basically, there’s a chance that the legendary rapper will become something of a mainstay in certain video games from here on out.

But we don’t think we need to explain why having a CoD Mobile Snoop operator skin is pretty cool. Even better for app gamers is the fact that we get first go ahead of his appearance on Vanguard and Warzone. Which will undoubtedly prompt a spike in players over the coming weeks, so we’d recommend getting back into the fray if you have been taking some time off.



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Expect more info – including a potential ‘first look’ – to appear in the coming days. And keep an eye on 20th April, as we can probably expect some kind of tie-in event to celebrate. Just a theory.


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What do you think of the COD Mobile collaberation?