Mighty Doom:

Doom is considered to be one of the classic video games, pioneering the First-person shooter genre. It was first developed by id Software for MS-DOS in 1993 and has since become one of the most influential game titles in gaming history. The first Doom was a massive success and eventually, it expanded to multiple sequels and spin-offs and established itself as a successful game franchise. The premise of the game is simple but it requires players to exert the best of their skills to maximize their chances of surviving. In this game, you take control of an unnamed space marine which is most popularly referred to many as the Doomguy. Here, you fight against an overwhelming number of demons and undead and you will try your best to survive.

Doom was hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time and served as an inspiration for many modern shooter games today. The game expanded into multiple sequels and spin-offs on multiple gaming platforms. In 2020, Doom Eternal was released following the events of the 2016 Doom installment. Three years after, a new title was launched. This time, however, it is a game exclusively released for mobile devices – the Mighty Doom!

It is interesting to note that Mighty Doom is not the first attempt to bring the classic video game into the mobile platform. In 2009, Escalation Studios (now Bethesda Game Studios) released a spin-off Doom Resurrection that captures the original gameplay and other signature elements of the game. It was released exclusively for iOS but was not received well by gamers and critics alike. Many years after, the studio is making another attempt to venture into mobile through Mighty Doom.

Mighty Doom, however, is not like any other Doom game. While it features all signature elements from the franchise, the gameplay is entirely different. It is safe to say that Mighty Doom is a “chibi” or “cartoonish” version of the classic video game. The game features a drastic change to almost everything and it feels like playing an entirely different game. First of all, Mighty Doom is not a first-person shooter but more of an endless runner. The goal in the game is to get the highest score possible by clearing all the stages.

Aside from taking off the iconic FPS element, the game is also notably less gory and less violent. However, there are cutscenes where you kill bosses in a gruesome manner. Generally, the game is very much similar to how Tomb Raider Reloaded works. Just like the aforementioned game, the graphics, and the gameplay were both simplified and far from the original material.


Mighty Doom


Mighty Doom Gameplay

The mechanics of Mighty Doom are generally simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game starts, you will take control of the doomguy and will be prompted immediately to the first stage. The combat system of the game is fairly simple. The character automatically fires weapons directly at the nearest enemy. You will be prompted to a top-down perspective map where enemies will spawn randomly. Using the virtual joypad, you can navigate around the map until the stage is clear. When all enemies are killed, you need to break the wall to proceed to the next stage.

Be mindful that your health points will not replenish when you enter the next stage. It means that whatever the remaining points you have from the previous stage will be the same health points when you enter the next stage. This non-regenerative stamina system is exactly what makes Mighty Doom tricky and challenging at the same. While stamina is not automatically healing, there are many ways you can do to restore your damaged life points. From time to time, you will encounter Sentinel which provides you with options. Here, the Sentinel might offer you to heal damages or earn a new skill to boost your battle efficiency and maximize your survival.


mighty doom


Unique Skill and Upgrade System

Similar to Tomb Raider Reloaded, the game will routinely ask players to select one of the three randomly generated abilities. The abilities will vary depending on their effect. It can either boost your fire speed or drastically increase your damage. Some abilities can also increase your range while others can heal your damage or increase your max health. Since this is an endless runner game, Mighty Doom only ends when the character loses all its health points. This will prompt you back to the main menu where you can perform upgrades and customizations.

Under the Gear Section, you can customize and upgrade your character. Here, you can equip your character with the armor and gear that you managed to obtain from your previous runs or from the crates that you opened. These armor, weapon, and gear can boost your damage exponentially. Coins can also be used to upgrade them individually to make your character more efficient and effective in each run. There is also a Mastery section in the game that allows you to upgrade heroes where effects are permanent.

Crates, on the other hand, can be accessed through the in-game store. Some crates are freely accessible in exchange for watching reward videos while others can be unlocked by paying Crystals (premium currency). You can also take advantage of the daily login bonus for more rewards.


Mighty Doom


Mighty Doom Visuals

Appearance-wise, Mighty Doom is still an absolute visual delight. We can say that the graphics are different from the hardcore visuals offered by its predecessors but still worth exploring. It comes with adorable and neat animation and is accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effect to take you in a nice adventurous mood. Gameplay-wise, Mighty Doom is not really the same game that we used to love. For instance, the game eliminates its classic first-person camera view. The game also comes with commendable longevity but quite lacks replay value.

Overall, it is a great gaming experience. It is nice to see how classic games like Doom managed to venture to mobile platforms and be introduced to a new generation of gamers. Good luck and have fun!


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