Clash Quest Shut Down:

Another Supercell game bites the dust. The Finnish app game developer made the solemn announcement via its website that Clash Quest has met an untimely end. And, apparently, the reason is simply Supercell’s exceptionally high standards.

Clash Quest is an adventure-puzzle game which sees players control the familiar characters of the ever-expanding Clash-verse as they island-hop their way through a series of formidable bosses, collecting companions, and building strategies along the way. And if the ratings and millions of downloads are anything to go by, it landed pretty well with the loyal Clash audience. 

This, however, was not enough to save the cutesy adventure game from getting the ax. Supercell is no stranger to pulling their games from the digital shelves, with one of the prime examples of a game that was “good, but just not good enough” being 2012’s Battle Buddies. Other, more recent cancellations include Hay Day Pop and Rush Wars. 


Clash Quest


So why quash the Quest? Their website’s statement said the following: “At Supercell, it’s well known that we set very high standards for our games. Because of this, even after the recent design changes we implemented just before the summer break, we felt Clash Quest still didn’t reach the bar we were aiming for. In the end we feel this is the right decision for the game.”

Clash Quest has only been available in a handful of countries since 2021, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and the Philippines. 

However, a year of progress (and purchases) can mount up, so Supercell is making sure that current players are duly compensated by allowing any in-game purchases to be transferred to any other Supercell game, including Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. It excludes other games in soft launch/beta stages such as Everdale and Clash Mini. 

To organize the transfer, players need only get in touch with the Supercell Player Support team. Players will be able to do this for the next six weeks before servers are shut down entirely. 

As for the future, it’s not all doom and gloom. Supercell were keen to stress that Clash Quest has provided a lot of lessons that the team will now carry on to their other titles.