Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is the latest app game from the Pokémon Company, and successor to Trading Card Game Online. It brings the omnipresent world of the TCG to the palms of our hands. Something those old enough to remember the Gameboy Colour’s magical Pokémon Trading Card Game will already be nostalgically accustomed to.

The latest TCG video game will allow players around the world to engage in card games with one another, whilst building their decks from an all-encompassing digitised library of Pokémon cards. These can be acquired through spending in-game currency (Crystals), or by inputting the code found on physical packs in order to transfer them to one’s digital deck.


Those who already have a healthy collection of cards in  TCG Online needn’t fear losing their pride and joy, either. As all account info, including all current cards, will be transferred when logging in to the new Pokémon TCG video game upon its worldwide release. Both games share the same Pokémon Trainer Club account info, meaning the same account can be used for Pokémon TCG Live.


The exceptions to this, however, include unopened products and bundles, TCG cards from the HeartGold and SoulSilver Series and certain coins, card sleeves, and deck boxes. However, players will be compensated for untransferable items with a number of Crystals proportionate to the number of eligible unopened items.




The good news (for Canadian fans specifically), is that the beta for TCG Live is available as of right now. The latest mobile game foray from the money-spinning Pokémon game Company can be downloaded and previewed on Android, MacOS, and Windows PC by anybody who lives in Canada as a limited beta. Those lucky few who do will have access to the latest TCG set: Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars. Even more luckily for our Canadian friends, any collection data and in-game progress made during the limited beta will be carried over upon the global launch.


The bad news (for everyone else) is that there’s no set date for the worldwide release just yet. According to the official FAQ, The Pokémon Company will spend this limited beta period collecting “gameplay feedback that will help shape a positive experience at scale once the online game is globally released.” Though when that will be is currently up in the air. Hopefully the games department will announce more soon.

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