BTS ARMY definitely has another great reason to rejoice! A new BTS-inspired mobile game is taking the app stores by storm. BTS Island: In the SEOM is a casual match 3 puzzle game that will take you on a colorful adventure featuring your beloved BTS members in probably the most adorable versions of themselves. While the game works similarly to other match-3 puzzle app games, BTS Island: In the SEOM features unique interactive elements that separate itself from your typical match-3 apps. To top it all off, the game is co-created by the BTS themselves. From the cute character designs down to the official soundtrack, all of these came from the creative minds of the popular K-Pop group. If you are a certified ARMY, then this game is definitely something not to be missed.


BTS Island


The Gameplay

BTS Island: In the SEOM follows the story of the seven BTS members (RM, Jung Kook, V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jin) who went on a cruise. Due to an accident, they lost control of their ship and were taken to an abandoned island. While waiting for their rescue, the BTS took advantage of the opportunity to restore the island back to its former glory. The mechanics for this game are generally simple and works the same way as your classic match 3 puzzles. Gameplay-wise, BTS Island is closely similar to Playrix’s Gardenscapes but the animation and character designs will somehow remind you of the adorable characters from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

Similar to the aforementioned games, BTS Island: In the SEOM is a combination of match 3 puzzle gameplay with city building and character management elements. The core objective is to help all the BTS members restore the island back to its former state. To do so, the game will provide a series of tasks that must be accomplished sequentially. Each task requires a number of Stars which you can only obtain by completing a match 3 puzzle.

If you have experienced playing a classic Match 3, then you should know the drill. Each level takes you to a different grid filled with colorful tiles. As the term suggests, you just need to match 3 or more identical tiles or shapes to clear them off the grid. The objectives will vary as you progress. Some levels might require you to collect a certain number of items while others might ask you to collect bees, destroy crates, or clear obstacles by matching adjacent tiles. Be mindful that you are only allotted a limited number of moves per level. Failing to reach your target will quickly end the puzzle and it gives you no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning.

You can, however, take advantage of the powerups and consumables. Players can obtain powerups by matching 4 or more similar tiles. These powerups allow you to destroy a large number of tiles in different manners. Consumables, on the other hand, are items that you can either buy from the in-game shop or through various reward systems and equip them before you enter a new level. One of the most unique elements of the game is a special skill that each BTS member has. For each level, you will be accompanied by a randomly selected BTS member. To activate their special skill, you must be able to use ten powerups. Each member will launch the BTS logo and clear a large number of tiles off the grid.


BTS Island


Decorate the Island

You can only restore the island by completing the quests. The game features a quest log showcasing the list of tasks assigned to certain members of BTS. While the restoration is merely quest-based, the customization is done according to the player’s preferences. Every time a new item will be added or will be restored on the island, the game will ask players to select their preferred palette, style, or skin. Some skins are considered premium and can be purchased through gems, the premium currency of BTS Island. Most premium items provide “double happiness” to any BTS member that interacts with them. This happiness meter is part of the game’s unique “Character management system”. Occasionally, you will also receive deco items from daily bonuses and other reward systems in the game. You can place these items anywhere on the island to increase your deco points.


BTS Island


Interact with Your Favorite BTS Members

Character management is one of the core features of BTS Island. Each character has its own Happiness meter. Interestingly, the level of happiness can be increased in multiple ways. First is when you encounter dialogues. The game takes you to different cutscenes or scenarios where you need to pick the member of BTS you want to respond to the given dialogue. You can also get additional Happiness points for each character by manually interacting with them. You can tap and drag each member anywhere on the map and allow them to interact with the object. Placing them on items like sun beds, hammocks, and other structures will instantly add a Happiness point to their profile.

As they earn new levels, you will be rewarded with various items such as diamonds, new skins, and other collectibles. You can also customize each character with a new skin or accessories that you can obtain through various reward systems or via the in-game shop. It is also interesting to note that each character possesses different behaviors that are inspired by the real-life delightful personalities of BTS. Each avatar is also designed to reflect the distinctive style of each BTS member.


BTS Island


For certified ARMY, this app game is truly a great catch. Aside from the simple yet addictive gameplay, the game also treats you with beautiful visuals that are accompanied by a great soundtrack. The relaxing soundtrack for this game (entitled Our Island) is composed by Suga himself. You will also get audio clips of some of their hit tracks through deco items. The game also features a “Play Pass” system that allows you to win better rewards (gems, powerups, and skins).

In addition to that, BTS Island: In the SEOM features a Photo Album for each BTS member. You can unlock each high-quality photo of your favorite BTS member by reaching a certain Happiness Level. It gives you the option to download the image in high quality and save it in your local gallery.

BTS Island: In the SEOM is undeniably a game designed for BTS fans. However, whether you are a big fan of the K-pop group or not, the game is surprisingly addictive and fun to explore. If you love match 3 puzzles, BTS Island is definitely worth a download.


Download BTS Island: In the SEOM:  Android / iOS