Imagine what will happen if you merge Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road and RobTop’s Geometric Dash. Well, you’ll get PXLPLAY. Developed and published by Pixel Play, PXLPLAY is a fun, simple, yet a surprisingly addictive casual game that will measure both your skills and your patience. Generally, the core objective of the game is to get the highest score possible by reaching the farthest distance without falling outside the given path. This is the kind of casual game that you can confidently play in one hand yet still offers a decent level of challenge. If you think you have the right skills to master this epic game, feel free to explore PXLPLAY and see how far you can go.




PXLPLAY Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable yet despite the apparent simplicity, the gamers are encouraged to visualize the map carefully and exert the best of their eye and hand coordination to maximize their winnings. In this game, you take control of a block or something we might refer to as a pixel. As soon as the game starts, the pixel will start to accelerate. The only movement that you can manipulate in this mobile game is the ability to move in a different direction. For example, if the given path requires you to go Left, you just have to tap the screen once and it will automatically switch direction. Tapping the screen again will make the pixel go in another direction.

Therefore, the key to winning this game is the right timing. Players should know when is the right time to tap the screen and when to stop, otherwise, you might fall off the given path and the game will come to a quick end. If this happens, the player has no other option but to go back to start. What makes the game a lot trickier is the fact that the map changes dynamically. That means you will not be dealing with the same route once you restart. This also provides PXLPLAY with an impressive replay value because every attempt feels like exploring a new map or path. Some paths are incredibly challenging, others are notably manageable while some are seemingly inescapable.




Jump, Slide, and more

Proper Timing is indeed the key to winning the game but alternating direction is not the only thing that makes PXLPLAY more challenging. As you progress in the game, you will encounter special platforms and items that will either help or harm your pixel in the progress. Some of these are platforms that allow your pixel to jump from one edge to another. These platforms are marked with white and yellow and you must tap the screen at the right time to perform a perfect jump. The same platform can be seen in front of other obstacles that require you to hop or slide down. Failing to hit the screen on top will quickly result in failure, so you must avoid it at all costs.

You will also encounter mushrooms that will either shrink or enlarge your size. You can either use this ability to your advantage or it might also put your pixel to harm. Special bridges will also appear in the game from time to time. Here, you must be perfectly aligned, or else, you will fall off the given path and the game is over.


Collect Pixels and Unlock Skins

Aside from effectively avoiding obstacles, you are also encouraged to collect mini pixels that you will encounter along the way. These pixels will also determine your final score. There are four types of pixels in this game that will vary in terms of their color. Yellow Pixels are worth 1 point, blue pixels are worth 5, pink pixels are worth 10 points each while green pixels provide 15 points. The more pixels you collect, the better the score you will receive. Aside from the different points they provide, the colors will also play roles in unlocking different skins.

Currently, the game comes with more than 80 unique pixels that you can unlock. Initially, you’ll start with the one named PXL but as soon as you collect more pixels, you can unlock more characters. All the colored pixels you collected in each attempt will be accumulated. If you have earned enough of a specific color, you’ll be able to unlock new pixels. Each also comes with a unique personality.

Appearance-wise, PXLPLAY is also an absolute visual delight. The colorful environment quickly reminds me of Crossy Road. It comes with a vibrant atmosphere that is accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and an audio effect that will surely put you in an adventurous mood. The dynamically changing map is also an interesting approach that prevents players from getting bored.

While the game might not offer a multiplayer mode, it comes with a leaderboard system using Google’s game center. Here, you can earn points from Achievements and compete with other players online via the top chart. Best of all, the game can also be played even without an Internet connection. The game automatically switches to Offline mode whenever the WiFi or mobile data network is unavailable.

It is fun, simple, and absolutely something you can play on repeat. An excellent time-killer game that is light and absolutely free to download. If you think you have what it takes to master the game, feel free to explore PXLPLAY and let an epic adventure begins!


Download PXLPLAY: Android / iOS