Back in the day when portable devices, gaming consoles, and even the Internet are not yet invented, kids used to visit amusement and arcade centers to play their favorite video games. From the late 70s up to the early 80s, kids were introduced to a great collection of colorful arcade video games including iconic titles that influenced most of the games we enjoyed today. Games like the Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Frogger are just a few of the famous titles from this era.

Following the success of arcade games, companies like SEGA, Nintendo, and SNK developed a portable version of these bulky arcade machines, allowing kids to enjoy their favorite video games in the comfort of their own houses. Nintendo introduced us to Nintendo Entertainment System or better known as NES while SEGA developed their very first home video game system – the SG-1000. The Japanese company SNK, on the other hand, entered the competition in the early 90s by introducing their very own NEOGEO cartridge-based arcade and home video game system. The NEOGEO system gave birth to some of the popular video game titles today including the Fatal Fury franchise, The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and many more.

When giant companies like Sony and Microsoft entered the competition in the late 90s and early 2000s by introducing gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox respectively, the popularity of the cartridge-based home video game system started to decline. SEGA and Nintendo managed to step up their game by launching Dreamcast and GameCube while SNK failed to catch up which eventually led to their bankruptcy in 2001. Their popular game titles, however, managed to stay relevant to the young generation of gamers through retro gaming. Most of which are being emulated while others are being ported to higher gaming consoles.

SNK Corporation is slowly bringing its titles back to mobile platforms through its ACA NEO GEO series. The ACA NEO GEO series is a partnership between SNK and Hamster Corporation that aims to re-release NEOGEO titles on multiple gaming platforms including Android and iOS. The games are optimized for mobile devices and allow the new generation of gamers to experience these classic games using their smartphones. Today, we are listing down 10 of the popular NEO GEO titles that you can now play on your mobile.




The King of Fighters ‘94

The King of Fighters is probably one of the most popular titles from SNK’s collection. The first game from the series was launched in 1994 – The King of Fighters ’94. This fighting game introduced us to some of SNK’s popular characters from other video games like the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series.  It features a typical fighting game mechanics similar to games like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Combat. The game features 24 playable characters including Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting, and Ralf Jones from Ikari Warriors.

In partnership with Hamster Corporation, the game was ported to Android and iOS devices. The game is now optimized for mobile devices featuring the same nostalgic graphics but with modified game controls. This time, the game features a joypad for movement and some tap-based buttons for attacks. Another great advantage of this ported version is the online feature which allows you to compete with other players via the leaderboard and achievement system.


Download The King of Fighters ’94: Android / iOS




Fatal Fury

First released in 1991, Fatal Fury became the flagship title of SNK and it eventually expanded into a successful franchise. It is also the first fighting game launched by SNK and introduced us to popular characters like Terry and Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, and Geese Howard. The mechanics for this game are generally simple and manageable and it follows the same formula as most fighting games in which you select your preferred character and engage in a series of head-to-head battles. Each character comes with unique skills and combos that players can master.

Similar to The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury was one of the first titles that are being ported to multiple gaming platforms. Instead of the joystick, the mobile version comes with a virtual joypad that allows you to move your character around. The tap-based buttons also allow you to execute the attacks and perform combos. You can also take advantage of the online ranking system that allows you to compete with other players and attempt to outrank players in the score chart. If you are looking for a classic fighting game, this ported version of Fatal Fury will surely not disappoint.


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Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown is another popular NEO GEO title and is considered to be one of the first video games that introduced weapon-based combat. The first game was a massive hit and eventually, it expanded into another successful franchise. Unlike other fighting games during that time, Samurai Shodown quickly stands out due to its primary focus on weapon-based combat. In addition to that, the game is set in a feudal Japanese era introducing us to many colorful characters. Each wields a different kind of weapons, skills, and combos. It also features the so-called Rage meter that fills up every time the character takes damage. Once full, the character will execute its special attack that inflicts more damage to enemies.

As of this moment, SNK Corporation managed to port three Samurai Shodown titles in their ongoing ACA NEO GEO series for Android and iOS devices. These include the first Samurai Shodown game (released in 1993), Samurai Shodown II (19947), and Samurai Shodown IV (1995). Similar to the other games on this list, the ported version of Samurai Shodown features modified controls including tap-based buttons to execute attacks and combos. There is also an online ranking system that allows you to compete with other players through its leaderboards.


Download Samurai Shodown: Android / iOS




Metal Slug

Metal Slug is one of those few titles that managed to reach the new generation of gamers. The game has been ported to almost all gaming platforms including Windows, PlayStation, Xbox Consoles, Android, iOS, and even Nintendo Switch. This classic run and gun side-scrolling game was first launched in 1996 in NEO GEO and eventually expanded to multiple installments and spin-offs. Aside from its non-stop action-packed adventure, Metal Slug also became known for its sense of humor, making the game more enjoyable to play.

Aside from the original Metal Slug titles that are currently available as premium apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store (including Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, and Metal Slug 5), SNK Corporation also launched various Metal Slug app games including Metal Slug Attack which is a tower-defense game. The ported version of the original Metal Slug also features new campaigns including Mission Mode which allows players to pick their favorite stage they want to master. It also introduced cooperative gameplay via Bluetooth function that allows you to play the game with your friends and conquer stages together in real-time.


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Alpha Mission II

Alpha Mission is a vertically scrolling shooter game by SNK that was first launched in 1986. The sequel, however, is more commercially successful than its predecessor. Alpha Mission II generally works the same way as classic vertical shooter arcade games. Here, you will operate a fighter spacecraft and your mission is to eliminate every single enemy including enormous bosses. As you destroy enemies, you can loot some drops including Power Weapons that can drastically improve your fire rate and damage attributes. The more Power Weapons you collect, the better your chances of surviving the battle.

Vertically scrolling shooter game never gets old. The concept has been adopted by many modern mobile games today. The ported version of Alpha Mission II will surely provide you with the authentic shoot ‘em up experience. It replicates the same pixel-art style graphics along with the classic retro sound to provide games with a nostalgic gaming experience. If you are up for some intergalactic shooting adventure, Alpha Mission II by SNK is probably a great fit.


Download Alpha Mission II: Android / iOS




King of the Monsters

Knowing that SNK is a Japan-based company, it is not really surprising to see video games that will highlight their popular monsters including Godzilla and King Kong. King of the Monsters is a unique fighting game by SNK that was first launched in 1991. The game features six playable monsters including Geon (a Godzilla-like creature), Woo (a King Kong-like monster), Poison Ghost, Rocky (a giant golem), Beetle Mania, and Astro Guy. The goal is generally simple yet surprisingly tricky. Simply pick your preferred monster to get started and fight against all other monsters and try your best to win.

After the success of the first King of the Monsters game, a sequel was immediately released the following year which features new characters and bosses. The game has also been ported to multiple gaming platforms including Android and iOS.  It is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices and provides gamers options to customize virtual pads and controls and set them according to their personal preferences.


Download King of the Monsters: Android / iOS





Sengoku is yet another successful beat ‘em up game from SNK. It was first released in 1991 and eventually expanded to two more sequels. It follows the story of two heroes attempting to save the world from chaos. They need to defeat the evil Warlord and prevent him and his undead forces to cause any catastrophe. Sengoku is unique in many aspects. For instance, it features a strange mix of timelines. The two main characters are a Ninja from Feudal Japan and a Cowboy from the Old West.

The mechanics for this classic game are generally simple. You take control of your chosen character and you fight against a large number of enemies that you will encounter along the way. One of the game’s unique elements is the character’s ability to transform. When certain enemies are defeated, you will gain the ability to transform into various forms for a short period of time. These include a samurai, a wolf, and a more agile ninja. Each form features a different set of skills and abilities that you can take advantage of. These kinds of games may not be as good as the modern RPGs that we play today but the overall nostalgia that we can get when playing them makes them absolutely worth exploring.


Download Sengoku: Android / iOS




Blue’s Journey

Super Mario is undeniably the king of all platformers but there are other video games that belong to the same category that is absolutely worth revisiting. Blue’s Journey, for instance, is an almost forgotten video game that deserves more attention. It follows the story of Blue, a heroic young man who was sent by Princess Fa to save the planet called Raguy. The planet was invaded by an evil empire and your mission is to save the world from the hands of the enemies. Blue’s Journey is a side-scrolling platformer that takes you to a series of challenging levels with a varying range of difficulties.

Interestingly, the game works the same as your typical platform games. You navigate the 2D side-scrolling map, eliminate all enemies that you encounter along the way, and take advantage of your unique abilities. For instance, you can stun enemies and use them as projectiles. You also have the ability to shrink in size to access hidden areas of the map. Blue’s Journey is also known for its colorful atmosphere and all of these colorful elements were wonderfully captured and replicated in its ported version. Players can also benefit from its newly added Save/Load functions so they can save and load their progress anytime they want.


Download Blue’s Journey: Android / iOS




World Heroes

During the arcade game era, there are only a few game categories available. You can either enjoy a colorful platformer or you can embark on an action-packed shooter or beat ‘em up games. In addition to that, fighting games were also highly successful during this time. This period gave birth to some of the iconic fighting video games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Virtua Fighter to name a few. Alpha Denshi (now known as ADK) entered the competition with their very own World Heroes series. It generally follows the same gameplay but offers a unique concept.

As the title suggests, this classic fighting game highlights different heroes from different parts of the world. Some of which were even inspired by real people. Some of the popular characters from this game include Hattori Hanzo, Kotaro Fuuma, Dragon, Rasputin, and many more. The game follows the story of Dr. Brown who invented the time machine to gather the most powerful superheroes and put them in an epic battle to determine which of them is the strongest. The success of the first game eventually led to three more sequels. Currently, the ACA NEO GEO series has brought two major titles from the franchise including the first World Heroes game and the 1995 World Heroes Perfect.


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Magician Lord

Also developed by Alpha Denshi that was originally published by SNK in 1990, Magician Lord was one of the highly acclaimed side-scrolling platformers during that year. As the title of the game connotes, it follows the story of a magician named Elta and his journey to save the world from the hands of the evil sorcerer. To do so, he must gather all the eight mystical books that were stolen by the sorcerer Gal. In the entire course of the game, players will navigate from one stage to another, defeating enemies that he encounters along the way, and collect orbs that give the character the ability to transform into powerful creatures.

Magician Lord was an absolute visual delight during its release and was praised for its beautiful graphics that are accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music. All of these colorful elements were wonderfully emulated in all of its ported versions. The game was included in the ACA NEO GEO series in 2017, allowing a new generation of gamers to experience the classic platformer straight from their mobile devices.


Download Magician Lord: Android / iOS


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