Who would have thought that being a landlord can be so fun and challenging? From the team behind Solo Knight comes a colorful and addictive simulation game where you play the role of a landlord. Rent Please is the newest offering of ShimmerGames Studio that brilliantly merges casual management and incremental game. Interestingly, the game follows a story of a man who decided to become a landlord after a series of failed and frustrating experiences as a tenant. To become a reliable landlord, you must help him fulfill all his duty and to make sure that all tenants will get the best service they deserve. If you are up for the challenge, feel free to explore Rent Please and see how far your landlord skills can take you.

rent please


The Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. While this game features some idle game elements, you still need to interact and complete a series of tasks in order to progress. As the game starts, you will be welcomed by your Building Manager who will guide you through the process of handling the apartments. As soon as you unlock the first room of your apartment, the next thing you should do is recruit a tenant. You can get different types of tenants from different areas and each of them comes with specific demands and requirements.

As the landlord, you must pay close attention to your Community Prosperity Level that enables you to unlock more upgrades, and facilities, and recruit better tenants. To increase your rental rates, you must upgrade the furniture and other amenities. In order to increase your Community Prosperity Level more effectively, you have to check your To-Do List constantly. This logs all the required upgrades that you need to complete. Completion of each task will not just increase your Community Prosperity Level but also grants you monetary rewards which you can later use to upgrade your buildings.

rent please

Meeting Tenants’ Demands

To become a reliable landlord, it is important to meet your tenant’s demands. These demands are clearly stated in their contracts. As the game progresses, these demands will dramatically increase. If you failed to meet these, the customer satisfaction level will drop. By visiting the Customer Satisfaction Index window, you can see all the complaints, reviews, and requests made by your tenants and you can take immediate action to resolve them. Some of these might require you to upgrade furniture while others might ask you to improve certain facilities like the diner, the gym, or the laundry area.

From time to time, tenants will raise some personal problems and it is all up to you to listen and coach them. Attending to their concerns will automatically engage you in a conversation. Simply pick your preferred answer from the given options. Your responses will either help or harm your customer satisfaction level so make sure to pick the right one.

Take Advantage of the Reward System

Just like most idle games, the prices for each upgrade will also increase exponentially in Rent Please. It means that you have to grab all the possibilities to earn more money from this game. This can be done in multiple ways:

Upgrading Furniture – By upgrading the furniture and the facilities, the rental fees will also be increased which allows you to earn additional profits. In addition to that, if the customer satisfaction level is above 50%, you can get a rent bonus.

Cash Daddy – From time to time, Cash Daddy will visit your apartment to give you an offer. You can get instant money by either watching a reward video or by paying diamonds (premium currency). By far, this is the quickest way to increase your revenue and is also a clever way to input advertisements in the game instead of annoying popups.

Offline Earnings – Like most Idle games, Rent Please also comes with offline earnings. It means that you can still earn money even when the game is not active. Every time you open the app, you will have the chance to double your offline earnings. You can either watch a reward video or pay diamonds to multiply the earnings or just claim it as it is.

Diamond Bonus – Watching a reward video is truly beneficial in this game. The game offers a reward bonus that encourages you to watch two or more ads daily. You can claim up to 35 diamonds every day. This reward system resets daily.

In-game Shop Items – If you are dedicated enough to become the best landlord, you might as well consider spending real money on this game. The in-game shop offers packages and bundles that you can purchase to boost your money instantly.

rent please

Neat and Visually Stunning Graphics

Appearance-wise, Rent Please is an absolute visual delight that offers you well-polished and visually appealing graphics and animation. It is also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music to set you in the right mood. In addition to that, the environment also changes dynamically. It features a day and night cycle system where the entire environment changes depending on the current time period. It also changes depending on the current season or holiday. In fact, the game is currently celebrating the Christmas season where they offer limited Christmas-themed furniture.

Overall, Rent Please is a decent landlord simulation. It is notably light and absolutely fun to explore. As you progress in this game, you will eventually unlock other locations which give Rent Please a decent replay value and longevity. If you are looking for an excellent time-killer casual game, this one is definitely a great fit for your device.


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