Artistic, fun, and full of nostalgia, Labyrinth City was released on iOS on March 3rd.


For those who don’t know already, Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is one of the most charming and unique adventure-puzzle games of the last ten years. Imagine an interactive Where’s Wally video game with all the aesthetic charms of Tintin and you’re probably somewhere close. Just take a look at some of the screenshots and you can almost hear the Amélie theme tune playing.


Labyrinth City




Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective has been freshly released on the App Store following successful launches on other platforms. The title is a collaboration between indie publisher Pixmain, who have launched a varied selection of charming games since their 2020 launch, and Darjeeling Productions, a hyper-creative mixed media studio that creates animation, film, and games. If the latter’s name was not enough of a giveaway, visit their home page and you’ll begin to see where the Wes Anderson vibe in Labyrinth City might have come from.


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Your ultimate goal, as Pierre, is to traverse the stunning hand-drawn labyrinths and foil the plans of the crafty thief Mr. X. The narrative is quirky and surprising, containing almost as many twists and turns as the mazes themselves. Yet the most enjoyable part of the game is simply exploring the vast and eccentric maps which are packed with humor, secrets, minigames, and easter eggs.


Your adventures will take you through haunted houses, up in hot air balloons, down into subterranean cities and more. Though for all of the secrets hidden in obscure hard-to-find corners of the labyrinths, there is ultimately only one route through. The game may be relaxing and lighthearted, but easy it is not.


That said, Pierre the Maze Detective has always had its own style and IP. The original nostalgia-inducing books were created by Hiro Kamigaki and only turned into a game after Darjeeling’s Noam Roubah came across one of them in a bookshop. From that point on, he knew he had to make the video game adaptation a reality – breathing even more color into Kamigaki’s already colorful characters.


Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective was first released on PC, then Nintendo Switch, and finally on mobile. But trust us when we say that this one has been worth the wait.


Labyrinth City